SAP Package VL0C

WS-SHP: Customizing Shipping

The package VL0C (WS-SHP: Customizing Shipping) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package VL0C
Short Text WS-SHP: Customizing Shipping
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package VL0C contains 9 function groups.

080R Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
080U Customizing in Shipping
082V Customizing: Shipping Point Determinatn
0VLF Customizing: Delivery Type Determ.Tables
0VLK Customizing: Delivery Types
0VLP Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0VV5 Generated Cust.Views for Route Schedules
0VVW Extended Table Maintenance (Generated )
V03B Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


SAP Package VL0C contains 51 transactions.

0184 Delivery item category determination
0SHP Customizing for delivery types
0VLK Customizing for delivery types
0VLKAIP Customizing: Del. Type Determin. AIP
0VLP Customizing/deliv.item categories
0VLPAIP Customizing: Del.Itm.Cat.Determ. AIP
0VSH Customizing Global Shipping Param.
0VVW Item Category Usage
OLVD C SD Shipping Menu
OVKA SD Tab. T686C 'Responsibility
OVL2 Shipping Point Determination
OVL3 Picking Location Determination
OVLA C SD Tab T173 Shipping Types
OVLD SD Table VKN Trans.connection points
OVLE SD Table VTR Mode of Transport
OVLH SD Table VRO Routes
OVLK C SD Tab TVLK Delivery Header
OVLL C SD Tab T630L Loading Times
OVLN C SD Tab TVLSP Delivery Blocking
OVLP C SD View 142 Picking by Item
OVLS C SD Tab TVLS Delivery Block Reasons
OVLV C SD Tab T630R Shipping Times
OVLW C SD Tab.T644
OVLX C SD Tab TVLSP Delivery Blocks
OVM1 Controllable Error Messages Shipping
OVM2 I Messages in Mult. Processing Log
OVR0 SD Table 171 Sales Regions
OVR1 SD Table ZONE Transportation Zones
OVT1 C SD Table 142 Storage conditions
OVT2 SD Table 143
OVT5 C SD Table 077K Vendor Account Grp
OVTY Transport categories
OVVM Group for Freight List
OVVR Group for Invoice Lists
OVWA Condition Maintenance Goods Issue
OVZK Procedure per Delivery Item Category
V/T1 Maintain profile
V/T2 Network Types
V/T3 Deadlines:Assign DlvType
V/T4 Maintain Deadline Functions
V/T5 Maintain Deviation Reasons
V/T6 Maintain assignment to plant
V/T7 Assign Shipping Deadlines to Shipmnt
V/T8 Shipping Deadlines-Graphics Settings
VCHP C SD Table TVLP Deliveries: Items
VNE8 View V_TVLK_NGW (Rough GI)
VSTK Picking Confirmation

Database Tables

SAP Package VL0C contains 34 database tables.

T184D Table for Items not Relevant for Distribution
T184L Sales Documents: Item Category Determination
T323V Error handling (Host)- Decentralized SD (Definition of mail)
T630L Shipping Determination: Loading Times
TCRBF Determination of Staging Area via Customer/Storage Condition
TCTBF Determine gate and picked item zone via customer
TLGR Routes: Loading Groups
TLGRT Routes: Loading Groups: Texts
TROAL Routes: Allowed Actual Routes for Delivery
TROAZ Routes: Determination in Sales Documents
TRRBF Determ. of Staging Area via Route Schedule/Storage Condition
TRTBF Determine gate and picked item zone via route schedule
TVCPL Deliveries: Copying Control
TVKOL Picking: Storage Location Determination for Deliveries
TVLA Org.unit: Loading points per shipping point
TVLAT Org.Unit: Loading points per shipping point: Texts
TVLG Routes: Weight Groups for Deliveries
TVLGZ Routes: Weights per Weight Group
TVLIZ Determin. of Deliv. Type for Goods Mvmnts Using Inb. Deliv.
TVLK Delivery Types
TVLKAIP Determine Delivery Type for Delivery Creation Using BAPI
TVLKN Deliveries: Number Range per Warehouse Number and Dlv. Type
TVLKT Delivery: Types: Texts
TVLKWMS Conversion Delivery Types Decentr. WMS
TVLOZ Determination of Deliv. Type for Gds Mvmnts for Inb. Deliv.
TVLP Deliveries: Item Categories
TVLPAIP Determine Item Category for Delivery Creation Using BAPI
TVLR Check Table - Sequence of Activities in the Delivery
TVLS Deliveries: Blocking Reasons/Criteria
TVLSP Delivery Blocks
TVLST Deliveries: Blocking Reasons/Scope: Texts
TVLTZ Determin. of Deliv. Type for Transf. Postings or Stk Trnsfrs
TVSTZ Organizational Unit: Shipping Points per Plant
TVSTZ_STORLOC Storage-Location-Specific Shipping Point Determination


SAP Package VL0C contains 33 views.

H_T615 Generated help view for check table T615
H_TVLK Helpview Generated for Check Table TVLK
V_T184D WMS - Distribution-Relevance of Items
V_T184L Delivery item category determination
V_T399X_SD Control Parameters Network Type for Shipping Deadlines
V_TCBP_SD Project Planning Board: Settings for Shipping Deadlines
V_TCN41_SD Default Values for Shipping Deadlines
V_TPRIO Customers: Delivery Priorities
V_TVCPLAK Copying Control: Sales Document to Delivery Document
V_TVCPLAP Copying Control: Sales Document to Delivery Document
V_TVKOL Picking Location Determination
V_TVLIZ Maintenance View for Table
V_TVLK Delivery types
V_TVLK_DL Delivery Type Dependent Data for Shipping Deadlines
V_TVLK_NGW Rough GR: Output Determination Procedure
V_TVLK_NUM_DEC Delivery Type: Number Range Det. Rule for Decentral LES
V_TVLK_PR Pricing procedure for pricing/delivery
V_TVLK_RBL Deliveries: Dlv.types - Purchase Order Storage Location Rule
V_TVLK_ROF Delivery Types - New Route Determination
V_TVLK_SPOFI Control for Shipping Point Determination
V_TVLOZ Maintenance View for Table
V_TVLP Delivery item categories
V_TVLP_CHP Deliveries: Item Categories: Do Not Check Batch
V_TVLP_LGO Delivery: Item Categories: Do Not Check Storage Location?
V_TVLP_VUV Error procedures for delivery item types
V_TVLS Deliveries: Blocking Reasons/Criteria
V_TVLTZ Maintenance View for Table
V_TVST_ALW Scheduling with Route Schedule for Shipping Point
V_TVST_IMESS Controllable Error Messages: Messages in Multiple Proc. Log
V_TVST_KOQ Picking Confirmation
V_TVSTZ Shipping Point Determination
V_TVSTZ_STORLOC Storage-Location-Specific Shipping Point Determination
V_TVTK_DL Transport Type Dependent Data for Shipping Deadlines


SAP Package VL0C contains 5 structures.

BZOFI1 Interface 1 for Staging Area Determination Delivery Item
BZOFI2 Interface 2 for Staging Area Determination Delivery Item
CUSVLK Work area Customizing Shipping
LIPOVZ Customer modification division for Table LIPOV
T160MVL_MSGVS Internally Used Key for Controllable Error Messages


SAP Package VL0C contains 2 programs.

RVOTVKOL Customizing: Shipping Point Determination
RVOTVSTZ Customizing: Shipping Point Determination

Search Helps

SAP Package VL0C contains 4 search helps.

H_T160MVL Search Help for Error Messages
H_T615 Generated help view for check table T615
H_TVLK Helpview Generated for Check Table TVLK
SH_KSCHL_V4 Search Help for Messages from Picking