SAP Package VTRF

Freight Codes and Classes

The package VTRF (Freight Codes and Classes) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package VTRF
Short Text Freight Codes and Classes
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package VTRF contains 2 function groups.

0VTF Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
V56J Determine freight codes and classes


SAP Package VTRF contains 7 transactions.

OTF1 Material-Freight Groups
OTF2 Forwarding Agent - Freight Groups
OTF3 Freight Code Sets
OTF4 Determine Freight Code Set
OTF5 Freight Codes
OTF6 Freight Code Determination
OTF7 Define Freight Code Index

Database Tables

SAP Package VTRF contains 10 database tables.

TGAF Freight Code Determination
TGAR Freight Codes
TGART Freight codes:descriptions
TGAV Freight Code Sets
TGAVF Determine Freight Code Set
TGAVT Freight code set: descriptions
TMFG Material freight groups
TMFGT Material freight groups: Descriptions
TSFG Forwarding agent freight group
TSFGT Forward. Agent-Freight Groups:Descriptn


SAP Package VTRF contains 9 views.

V_TGAF Freight Code Determination
V_TGAR Freight Codes
V_TGAR2 Define and assign freight classes
V_TGAR3 Define and assign freight classes
V_TGAR4 Define and assign freight classes
V_TGAV Freight Code Sets
V_TGAVF Determine Freight Code Set
V_TMFG Material freight groups
V_TSFG Forwarding Agent - Freight Groups


SAP Package VTRF contains 1 structures.

VTTS_FCS Structure to display freight codes in a shipment stage