Appropriation request variant

The table IMAV (Appropriation request variant) is a standard table in SAP ERP. It belongs to the package AIR.

Technical Information

Table IMAV
Short Text Appropriation request variant
Package AIR
Table Type Transparent Table

Fields for Table IMAV

Field Name Key Description Data Element Type Length Check Table
POSNR Internal number for appropriation request IMA_POSNR CHAR 12 IMAK
VARNT Variant of Appropriation Request IMA_VARNT CHAR 4
ERDAT Date on Which Record Was Created ERDAT DATS 8
ERNAM Name of Person who Created the Object ERNAM CHAR 12
AEDAT Date on which object was last changed UPDAT DATS 8
AENAM Name of Person Who Changed Object AENAM CHAR 12
OBJNR Object number J_OBJNR CHAR 22 ONR00
XGENEH Approval by governmental authorities is required IMA_XGENEH CHAR 1
BWERT Assessment criteria for appropriation request variants IMA_BWERT CHAR 4 TAIF6
FDATU Desired completion date IMA_FDATU DATS 8
IDATU Start-up date (relative to/independent of implement. start) IMA_IDATU DATS 8
IZFUS Internal rate of return from preinvestment analysis IMA_IZFUS DEC 5
KAPWRT Net present value of app. request variant in CO area curr. IMA_KAPWRT CURR 15
KAPWRO Net present value of approp.req. variant - obj. currency IMA_KAPWRO CURR 15
KAPRAT Disc. cash flow rate f. app.req.variant in COarea currcy IMA_KAPRAT DEC 7
AMORT Payback period for appropriation requests IMA_AMORT DEC 7
WIDAT Reference date for the preinvestment analysis IMA_WIDAT DATS 8
MPLAN Indicator: Planning on measure IM_MPLAN CHAR 1
MVERS Planning version in assigned measure IM_MVERS CHAR 3 *
VARGN Variant that was approved after this variant IMA_VARGN CHAR 4
KVARNT Copied appropriation request variant IMA_KVARNT CHAR 4
DWIRE Date on which preinvestment analysis was manually changed IMA_DWIRE DATS 8
KLVAR Costing Variant CK_KLVAR CHAR 4 *
KALNR Cost Estimate Number for Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure CK_KALNR NUMC 12 *
IVPRZ Investment Portion as Percent IMA_IVPRZ DEC 3
COPRZ Part of Plan Values Transferred to Measures IMA_COPRZ DEC 3