SAP Table T001

Company Codes

The table T001 (Company Codes) is a standard table in SAP ERP. It belongs to the package FBZCORE.

Technical Information

Table T001
Short Text Company Codes
Table Type Transparent Table

Fields for Table T001

Field Name Key Description Data Element Type Length Check Table
BUTXT Name of Company Code or Company BUTXT CHAR 25
ORT01 City ORT01 CHAR 25
LAND1 Country Key LAND1 CHAR 3 T005
SPRAS Language Key SPRAS LANG 1 T002
KTOPL Chart of Accounts KTOPL CHAR 4 T004
WAABW Maximum exchange rate deviation in percent WAABW_001 NUMC 2
PERIV Fiscal Year Variant PERIV CHAR 2 T009
KOKFI Allocation Indicator KOKFI CHAR 1
STCEG VAT Registration Number STCEG CHAR 20
FIKRS Financial Management Area FIKRS CHAR 4 FM01
XFMCO Indicator: Project Cash Management active? XFMCO CHAR 1
XFMCB Indicator: Cash budget management active XFMCB CHAR 1
XFMCA Activate Update in Funds Management XFMCA CHAR 1
TXJCD Jurisdiction for tax calculation - tax jurisdiction code TXJCD_NSTX CHAR 15 *
FMHRDATE Funds center can be assigned to an account in HR from FM_HRDATE DATS 8
BUVAR Company Code Variant (Screen) BUVAR CHAR 1
FDBUK Cash Management and Forecast Company Code FDBUK CHAR 4 T001
XFDIS Indicator: Cash Management activated? XFDIS CHAR 1
XVALV Indicator: Propose current date as value date ? XVALV CHAR 1
XSKFN Indicator: Discount base amount is the net value XSKFN CHAR 1
KKBER Credit control area KKBER CHAR 4 T014
XMWSN Indicator: Base amount for tax is net of discount ? XMWSN CHAR 1
MREGL Rules for Copying from the Sample Account for G/L Accounts MREGL CHAR 4 T004R
XGSBE Indicator: Business area financial statements required? XGSBE CHAR 1
XGJRV Indicator: Propose fiscal year ? XGJRV CHAR 1
XKDFT Indicator: Post translations for exchange rate differences ? XKDFT CHAR 1
XPROD Indicator: Productive company code? XPROD_001 CHAR 1
XEINK Indicator: Purchase Account Processing is Active XEINK CHAR 1
XJVAA Indicator: JVA Active JV_ACTIVE CHAR 1
XVVWA Indicator: Financial Assets Management active XVVWA CHAR 1
XSLTA Indicator: No ex.rate difference when clearing in local crcy XSLTA CHAR 1
XFDMM Indicator: Updating MM in Cash Mgmt/Forecast activated? XFDMM CHAR 1
XFDSD Indicator: Updating SD in Cash Mgmt/Forecast activated? XFDSD CHAR 1
XEXTB Indicator: Company code is in another system XEXTB CHAR 1
EBUKR Original Key of the Company Code EBUKR_001 CHAR 4
KTOP2 Chart of Accounts According to Country Legislation KTOP2 CHAR 4 T004
UMKRS Sales/Purchases Tax Group UMKRS CHAR 4 T007F
BUKRS_GLOB Name of global company code BUKRS_GLOB CHAR 6 T001O
FSTVA Field Status Variant FSTVA CHAR 4 T004V
OPVAR Posting Period Variant OPVAR CHAR 4 T010O
XCOVR Indicator: hedge request active XCOVR CHAR 1
TXKRS Foreign Currency Translation for Tax Items TXKRS CHAR 1
WFVAR Workflow variant WFVAR CHAR 4 VBWF01
XBBBF G/L account authorization check in inventory management XBBBF CHAR 1
XBBBE G/L account authorization check in PO/scheduling agreement XBBBE CHAR 1
XBBBA G/L account authorization check in purchase requisitions XBBBA CHAR 1
XBBKO G/L account authorization check in contracts XBBKO CHAR 1
XSTDT Indicator: Document date as the basis for tax determination XSTDT_001 CHAR 1
MWSKV Input Tax Code for Non-Taxable Transactions MWSKZ_NSTV CHAR 2 *
MWSKA Output Tax Code for Non-Taxable Transactions MWSKZ_NSTA CHAR 2 *
IMPDA Foreign Trade: Import Data Control in MM Purchase Orders IMPDATEN CHAR 1
XNEGP Indicator: Negative Postings Permitted XNEGP_ACT CHAR 1
XKKBI Indicator: Can credit control area be overwritten? XKKBI CHAR 1
WT_NEWWT Indicator: Extended withholding tax active WT_NEWWT CHAR 1
PP_PDATE Procedure for Setting the Posting Date PP_PDATE CHAR 1
FSTVARE Funds reservation field status var. FSTVARE CHAR 4 TREV
KOPIM Foreign trade: Import data copying control for GR KOPIM CHAR 1
DKWEG Foreign Trade: Screen ctrl of f. MM-goods rececipt DKWEG CHAR 1
OFFSACCT Method for offsetting account determination GOFFSACCT NUMC 1
BAPOVAR Additional settings variant for bus.area financial statemnts BAPOVAR CHAR 2 TGSB_CUS
XCOS Cost of sales accounting status XCOS CHAR 1
XCESSION Accounts Receivable Pledging Active X_CESSION CHAR 1
XSPLT Enable Amount Split BSPLT CHAR 1
SURCCM Surcharge Calculation Method J_1ISURC CHAR 1
DTPROV Document Type for Provisions for Taxes on Services Received J_1IPROV CHAR 2 T003
DTAMTC Document Type for Journal Voucher (Amount Correction) J_1IAMTC CHAR 2 T003
DTTAXC Document Type for Journal Voucher (Tax Code Correction) J_1ITAXC CHAR 2 T003
DTTDSP Document Type for Remittance Challans J_1ITDSTYP CHAR 2 T003
DTAXR Deferred Tax Rule DTAXR CHAR 4 T007DT
XVATDATE Tax Reporting Date Active in Documents XVATDATE CHAR 1
PST_PER_VAR Manage Variant of Posting Period for Company Code/Ledger FAGL_POST_PER_VAR CHAR 1
XBBSC G/L account authorization check in shopping cart /SRMERP/XBBSC CHAR 1
FM_DERIVE_ACC Activate Account Assignment Derivation in Funds Management FM_DERIVE_ACC CHAR 1