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Cómo activar una función comercial en SAP ERP

13 jul. 2017

La activación de funciones empresariales en SAP ERP puede ser una tarea difícil. Dado que los efectos son a menudo irreversibles, es muy importante que los consultores de SAP entiendan lo que es una Función de Negocio, lo que hace y cómo manejar la activación de funciones empresariales.

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What is SAP? An Overview

15 ene. 2017

Beginners in the SAP ecosystem are often confused about the various terms and concepts that the word “SAP” is used for. If you want to know what the various meanings of “SAP” are and have asked yourself the question “What is SAP” before, continue reading.

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What is SAP CPM? Introduction to SAP Commercial Project Management

3 mar. 2014

SAP CPM was released as Version 1.0 in 2013. SAP are selling it as the new solution for project based businesses; it’s provided as an extension to the core SAP ERP system. Time to take a good, hard look at it and see what it can do!

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