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Create and Download a File from ABAP


After yesterday’s post about uploading files into ABAP variables, let’s look at things the other way round – how to provide data for download by your users.


How to Set a Default Value for Download File Endings in SAP ERP


When exporting files from SAP ERP, for example from an ALV list, we’ve had all this issue: when we pick “Spreadsheet” in the file format popup, the file ending defaults to .txt (or, in older versions of SAP ERP, to .xls), even though that format might not be suitable for the current setup, for example when you’re using MS Office 2010 or an entirely different spreadsheet applicatio


Screenshots in ABAP aufnehmen und speichern


Dieser kurze Blog-Beitrag enthält ein ABAP-Snippet, mit dem Sie einen Screenshot mit der bekannten Klasse CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES auf der Festplatte des SAP-ERP-Benutzers speichern können.