Selected Set

A selected set is a piece of masterdata used by the QM (Quality Management) module in the SAP ERP system. Selected sets allow you to group codes from multiple catalogs at plant level, allowing system administrators to create subsets of codes for use in different plants. Codes that are in a selected set are called set codes.

Selected sets are used mainly for the QM calibration process. If used with catalogs 1 (characteristic attributes) or 3 (usage decisions), they allow the user to maintain a valuation (Accepted or Rejected) with each code in the set. This is used to control the calibration process and to assign follow-up actions directly in the selected set, something that is not possible with any other catalogues.

Catalog Types in Customizing

As can be seen in the screenshot above, selected sets can be enabled for any catalog in customizing (SPRO → Quality Management → Quality Planning → Basic Data → Catalog → Define Catalog Types). The “Valuation required” flag, however, is disabled and is set only for catalogs 1 and 3 by default.

Another use for selected sets is within the classification system of SAP ERP. Selected sets can be assigned to characteristics to manage the available classification values.