SAP Authorization Object Class AAAA

Obsolete Authorization Objects

The Authorization Object Class AAAA (Obsolete Authorization Objects) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class AAAA
Short Text Obsolete Authorization Objects

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class AAAA contains 50 authorization objects.

B_DX SAPDXfer: Central Tools - Initial Data Transfer
B_PROD_COM General Authorization for Products
C_AFFW_DEL Authorization to delete incorrect goods mvts - not in use
C_AFKO_DEL Authorization to Delete Orders - Not in Use !!
C_BFLS REM: Backflushing in Repetitive Manufaucturing
C_BFLS_L REM: Restricted Backflushing
C_BFLS_N REM: Posting Reporting Point Backflush Later
C_BFLS_R REM: Resetting Reporting Point Quantities
C_KAPA_BRG CIM: Capacity authorization group
C_LOCM_FOL Configuration Management - Authorization for the prod.folder
C_LOCM_MAN Configuration Management - Extended authorization manager
C_PPE_PSIF iPPE: PS -iPPE Interface (Component Assignment)
C_PPE_PSOB iPPE: Assignment of PS to iPPE Object
C_PVS_STR PVS Node Structure
C_PVS_VAR PVS Component Variant
C_SCP_DCPL Demand Coordination Planning Level Transaction Authorization
C_SCP_HIER Hierarchy Delete transaction CSCPHIEDEL info structure check
C_SCP_METH Demand Coordination tran CSCPDC3 supplementation method defn
C_SCP_MODC Model Characteristics Authorization Object.
C_SCP_MODL Demand Coordination transaction CSCPDC5 planning model check
C_SCP_MODR Assigning Resource Allocation Hierarchies to Planning Models
C_SCP_RAHC Copy Available Capacity to a Resource Allocation Hierarchy.
F_FMBU_KEY Budgeting: Keyfigure
F_FMRE_BLK Funds locking, company code
F_FMRE_COM Funds commitment, company code
F_FMRE_FOR Forecast of revenue, company code
F_FMRE_PRE Funds precommitment, company code
F_FMRE_RES Funds reservation, company code
F_FMRE_TRA Funds transfer, company code
F_KBE__RES Funds reservation, company code
F_KBE__TRA Payment transfer company code
J_B_RMCUS2 RM Authorization 1
J_B_RMCUS3 RM Authorization 2
K_KA_RC CO: Drill-down reporting - rows/columns (not up-to-date)
K_KA_REP CO: Drill-down reporting - Reporting (not up-to-date)
K_KC_PRP EC-EIS: Presentation authorizations (report names)
M_CUTR_MCS Customizing: Transport
M_QUOT_EKO Purchasing Organization (Quotas)
S_COOL Obsolete
S_DX Data Transfer Workbench
S_EDITOR ABAP/4: Editor checks
S_KWF KW Framework: Authorization check
S_RS_GVAR Business Explorer - Global variables
S_RS_ICASS InfoCatalog - User Assignment
S_RS_INFO InfoCatalog
S_RS_ODS Not Used
S_RS_WKBK Business Explorer - Workbook
S_TSKH_ADM Authorization Check for SM04, SM50
S_TSKH_VB Authorization for Update Administration
S_REC_DYNP Aufzeichnung von Webdynpro Anwendungen