SAP Authorization Object Class AAAB

Cross-application Authorization Objects

The Authorization Object Class AAAB (Cross-application Authorization Objects) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class AAAB
Short Text Cross-application Authorization Objects

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class AAAB contains 140 authorization objects.

B_ALE_CGRP ALE Customizing Distribution: Group Activities
B_ALE_LSYS ALE/EDI: Maintaining Logical Systems
B_ALE_MAST ALE/EDI: Distributing master data
B_ALE_MODL ALE: Distribution Model Maintenance
B_ALE_RECV ALE/EDI: Receiving IDocs via RFC
B_ALE_REDU ALE/EDI: Generating Messages (For Example, Reduction)
B_ASU_ADMI Application Specific Upgrade: Authorization Content Version
B_BUPA_ATT Business Partner: Authorization Types
B_BUPA_CRI FS Business Partner: Role / Differentiation Type 'Criterion'
B_BUPA_FDG Business Partner: Field Groups
B_BUPA_GRP Business Partner: Authorization Groups
B_BUPA_PGM FS Business Partner: Partner Grouping Characteristic
B_BUPA_RLT Business Partner: BP Roles
B_BUPA_SLV Selection Variant for Total Commitment
B_BUPR_BZT Business Partner Relationships: Relationship Categories
B_BUPR_FDG Business Partner Relationships: Field Groups
B_CARD_SEC Authorization Encryption Card Master
B_CCARD Payment Cards
B_CLEAR Data Cleansing
B_LSMW LSMW: Transaction and Activity
B_MASSMAIN Cross-Application Mass Maintenance Tool
B_NOT_TASK Access to Tasks in General Notifications
B_NOTIF Follow-Up Functions for General Notifications
B_NOTIF_BC Follow-Up Functions for Notifications
B_SMAN_SEQ Schedule Manager: Flow Definitions
B_SMAN_WPL Schedule Manager: Authorizations for Task Lists
B_USERST_T Status Management: Set/Delete User Status using Process
B_USERSTAT Status Management: Set/Delete User Status
BSP_APPL Authorization for BSP Applications
C_PDC Communication With External Applications
C_SIGN Authorization for Digital Signatures
C_SIGN_BGR Authorization Group for Digital Signature
CA_KPIADM Administrator Authorizations for KPIs in KPI Watchlist
CA_KPIUSR User Authorizations for KPIs in KPI Watchlist
COM_ALTID Authorization Object for Alternative IDs
COM_ASET Set Types/Attributes: General Authorizations
COM_CAT Categories: General Authorizations
COM_CAT_CF Categories: Authorization for Configuration-Relevant Data
COM_HIER Hierarchies: General Authorizations
COM_IL Authorization Check for Relationships
COM_PRD Product Master: General Authorization
COM_PRD_CT Product Master: Authorization for Category
CPE_COVER Coverages for Commodity Pricing Engine
CPE_DOCDAT Document Data for Commodity Pricing Engine
CPE_DOCDEF Document Default Data for Commodity Pricing Engine
CPE_PRICEQ Price Quotation for Commodity Pricing Engine
CPE_SETTIN Commodity Pricing Engine: General Settings
CRM_BUHI Authorization Object for Business Partner Group Hierarchy
F_BNKA_MAN Banks: General Maintenance Authorization
F_SEPA_MDT Authorization for Processing a Global SEPA Lock
F_TXW_RA DART: Retrieve data from archive
F_TXW_TF DART: Data extracts
F_TXW_TFCF DART: Data extract configuration
F_TXW_TV DART: Data view queries
F_TXW_TVC2 DART: Data view configuration, with AuthGrp
F_TXW_TVCF DART: Data view configuration
G_800_GRP Report Writer: Report
G_801H_GCL Report Writer: Parallel Report
G_801K_GLB Report Writer: Library
G_801U_GSY Report Writer: Standard Layout
G_803J_GJB Report Writer: Report Group
G_EXTRACT Report Writer: Extract Management (obsolete, do not use)
G_GB90_ Validation/Substitution/Rules: Rules
G_GB92_ Validation/Substitution/Rules: Substitution
G_GB93_ Validation/Substitution/Rules: Validation
J_1A_AFIP Authorization object for Argentina web service (Send AFIP)
J_1A_ARCH Authorization object for AR WS Archiving
J_1A_EAFIP Authorization object for argentina ws export (send to AFIP)
J_1A_EARCH Authorization Object for AR WS Archiving
J_1A_EODN Authorization Object for Argentina WS Export (Get Last ODN)
J_1A_ODN Authorization Object for Argentin Web service (Get last ODN)
J_1ACAE Authorization object for Argentina Electronic Invoice (AEI)
J_1ACONT AR: Authorization for contingency
J_1AECONT AR: Authorization for Contingency (Export)
P_CORR Correspondence
P_PRWBENCH Print Workbench
PS_RMPSDIS RMPS: Description in Circular
PS_RMPSGEN RMPS: General Activities
PS_RMPSOEH RMPS: Access Record, Case, Document Special Org. Units
PS_RMPSORG RMPS: Access Record, Case, Document Org. Assignment of User
PS_RMPSPGE RMPS TNA: Enhanced Check on Activities
PS_RMPSPSP RMPS TNA: Status-Dependent Attribute Check
S_ALM_CONF Alert Management: Configuration
S_ALM_CUST Alert Management: Edit Alert Categories
S_ALM_ROLE Alert Management: Alert Processing
S_BCOS_BC Authorization Object for Creating Support Message
S_CALLMON Authorization for Queue Handler Monitor
S_CTEMPLAT Customizing templates
S_DMC DMC: Transaction and Activity
S_DX_MAIN DX Workbench: Transaction Code and Activity
S_DX_PROJ DX Workbench: Transaction Code, DX Project, and Activity
S_EURO Authorization for Carrying Out the Changeover to the Euro
S_IBU Maintenance of Industries in the SQABRANCH Entity Table
S_ICF Authorization check for Internet Communication Framework
S_ICFREC Recorder Activity for Internet Communication Framework
S_IMG_ACTV IMG: Authorization to perform functions in IMG
S_IMG_GENE IMG: Authorization to Generate the Enterprise IMG
S_ME_SYNC Mobile Engine: Synchronization of Offline Applications
S_MI_ADMCO MI: Authorization for RFC connection
S_MI_ALERT Alert Management
S_MI_CCMS General Administrator Authorization
S_MI_MGMT Authorization Group of Device Configuration
S_MILCLADM Administrator authorization for local administration(client)
S_PPF_ADM Starting Processing Report, Administration Reports
S_PPF_CONF Define Conditions for Actions
S_PPF_CUST Edit Action Profile and Define Actions
S_PRO_AUTH IMG: New authorizations for projects
S_PROJ_AUT DevWorkbook: Project authorization
S_PROJ_GEN Project Management: General Project Function Authorization
S_PROJECT Project Management: Project authorization
S_PROJECTS Project Management: Extended authorization
S_RFC Authorization Check for RFC Access
S_RFC_SHLP Authorization to Use a Search Help via RFC
S_RFCACL Authorization check for RFC user (ex. trusted system)
S_SCMG_CAS Case Management: Case
S_SCMG_FLN Case Management: Authorization by Field
S_SCMG_STA Case Management: Status
S_SCMG_TXT Case Management: Text Notes
S_SERVICE Check at Start of Ext. Services
S_SHLPEXT Use Search Help for RFC
S_SPI_AUTH PMI: Authorization for Technical Process Monitoring
S_SRM_ARCH SAP Records Management: Authorizations for Archiving
S_SRM_ST_N SRM: Authorization Object for Status Network
S_SRM_ST_P SRM Status Management: Auth. Object for Status Profile
S_SRM_STAT SRM: Status Management General Authorization Object
S_SRMDISP1 Records Management: Circular
S_SRMGS_CT Records Management: Authorizations for Document Content
S_SRMGS_DC Records Management: Authorization for Documents
S_SRMGS_PR Records Management: Authorizations for Attributes
S_SRMGS_VV Records Management: Authorizations for Versions and Variants
S_SRMKCMNT SRM - Key Word Catalog
S_SRMRECST Records Management: Record, Record Structure Authorizations
S_SRMSY_CL SAP Records Management : General Authorization Object
S_TCODE Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start
V_J_1ACAE Authorization object for Argentina Electronic Invoice (AEI)
X_COBLMOD Account Assignment Block: New Field Inclusion
S_SRMPATH1 SRM - Laufweg