SAP Authorization Object Class BC_A

Basis: Administration

The Authorization Object Class BC_A (Basis: Administration) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class BC_A
Short Text Basis: Administration

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class BC_A contains 111 authorization objects.

BV_SR_TCOD Sales Returns: Authorization Check at Transaction Level
C_DML DML Object Type
F_GMGT_RLT Grants Management: BP Roles
K_PRPS_SET CO-CCA: PSP Element Groups
MAN_PM_KPI Manufacturing: Add Plant Manager KPI
P_EFI Authorisation object efiling
S_ADMI_FCD System Authorizations
S_ALV_CSUT ALV Administration Tools
S_ARCHIVE Archiving
S_ASAP_RF Implementation Assistant: Roadmap (Type and Flavor)
S_ASAP_TF Separate Roadmap Type and Flavor
S_ASAPIAAT Maintain Attributes in Topics
S_BDC_MONI Batch Input Authorizations
S_BPE_CONF Configuration Inbound Processing of Business Processes
S_BRAN_ADM Industry management
S_BTCH_ADM Background Processing: Background Administrator
S_BTCH_JOB Background Processing: Operations on Background Jobs
S_BTCH_NAM Background Processing: Background User Name
S_C_FUNCT C calls in ABAP programs
S_CCM_RECV Authorizations for Transferring Central SysRepos Data
S_CCMS_CMC CCMS Monitoring Console
S_CLNT_IMP Data Import for Client Copy
S_CPIC CPIC Calls from ABAP Programs
S_CTS_ADMI Administration Functions in Change and Transport System
S_CTS_LANG Language Transport Administration Functions
S_DATASET Authorization for file access
S_DB2_ADM DB2/390: Database Administration
S_DB2_COMM DB2 OS/390 commands: in Database Performance Monitor (ST04)
S_DDSTCAUT Structure Changes in Support Package Systems
S_ENQUE Enqueue: Display and Delete Lock Entries
S_EWA_ADM Administration EarlyWatch Alert
S_FIELDSEL Central Field Selection
S_FRA_AREA Framework Registry: Area
S_FRA_CLRO Framework Registry: Class Role
S_FRA_SP Framework Registry: Service Provider
S_FRA_SPS Framework Registry: Element Type
S_FRA_SPTY Framework Registry: SP Type
S_GUI Authorization for GUI activities
S_IWB_ADM Knowledge Warehouse: Administration
S_LANG_ADM Language Administration
S_LAS_ADM System Measurement Authorization
S_LCRDB Maintenance Authorization for LCR Database
S_LDAP Authorization to Access LDAP Directory
S_LDAPMAP Authorization to Maintain Directory Mapping
S_LOG_COM Authorization to execute logical operating system commands
S_OLE_CALL OLE calls from ABAP programs
S_OSS1_CTL Authorization for OSS logon
S_OTR_ACTV OTR Activities
S_OTR_LANG Authorization to Change Objects: Language-Dependent
S_PACKSTRU Internal SAP Use: Package Structure
S_PATH File system access via ABAP/4
S_PTCH_ADM Administrating Component-Specific Patches (Configuration)
S_QIO_MONI Queue management authorizations
S_RZL_ADM CCMS: System Administration
S_SAA_ADMI System Administration Assistant: Execution
S_SAA_ROLE System Administration Assistant: Application View
S_SCR Authorization for SAP GUI Scripting
S_SCRP_ACT SAPscript: Activities
S_SCRP_FRM SAPscript: Layout set
S_SCRP_GRA SAPscript: Graphic
S_SCRP_GRB SAPscript: Graphics (BDS buffer)
S_SCRP_STY SAPscript: Style
S_SCRP_TXT SAPscript: Standard text
S_SDCC Data interface for the Service Assistant
S_SDCC_ADD Berechtigung für /bdl/sdcc im AddOn-Namensraum
S_SDCC_DAT Authorizations for SDCCN Data VIewer
S_SHM_MON Shared Objects: Monitor
S_SKOM_SRV SAPcomm: Server authorization
S_SPO_ACT Spool: Actions
S_SPO_DEV Spool: Device authorizations
S_SPO_PAGE Spool: Restriction on Maximum Number of Pages
S_SRT_ADM Administration/Configuration of SOAP Runtime
S_SRT_LPR Authorization Object for Maintenance of Logical Port
S_SWF_GMP Workflow Administrator Good Morning Page
S_TABU_CLI Cross-Client Table Maintenance
S_TABU_DIS Table Maintenance (via standard tools such as SM30)
S_TABU_LIN Authorization for Organizational Unit
S_TMS_ACT TemSe: Actions on TemSe objects
S_TOOLS_EX Tools Performance Monitor
S_TREX_ADM Administration of TREX
S_UDDI_REG Register in UDDI Registries
S_UMG Authorization for the Unicode Conversion Tools
S_USER_ADM Administration Functions for User/Authorization Management
S_USER_AGR Authorizations: Role Check
S_USER_AUT User Master Maintenance: Authorizations
S_USER_GRP User Master Maintenance: User Groups
S_USER_OBJ Globally Deactivate Authorization Objects in a Client
S_USER_PRO User Master Maintenance: Authorization Profile
S_USER_SAS User Master Maintenance: System-Specific Assignments
S_USER_SYS User Master Maintenance: System for Central User Maintenance
S_USER_TCD Authorizations: Transactions in Roles
S_USER_VAL Authorizations: Field Values in Roles
S_USERCERT Certificate registration: Certificate request and assignment
S_WF_PRCTP Workflow: Authorizations for Process Types
S_WORKFLOW Workflow: Authorizations for Processes
S_WP_ROLE Access Authorization for Workplace Roles
S_WP_ROLUS Access Authorization for Workplace Roles/User Assignments
S_WP_SYST Authorization for Workplace System Access
S_WSSP_ADM Administer Web Services Security Profile
S_X500_CON Authorization for X500 directory access
S_XMB_ACT Obsolete as from XI 2.0. Use S_XMB_AUTH
S_XMB_ADM Integration Engine: Administrator
S_XMB_AUTH Integration Engine: Activities for Individual Areas
S_XMB_DSP Integration Engine: Displaying XML Messages
S_XMB_MONI Authorization Object for XI Message Monitoring
S_XMI_LOG Internal access authorization for XMI log
S_XMI_PROD Auth. for external management interfaces (XMI)
SASAP_ADIM Administrator: Implementation Assistant
W_CM_CDT1 CDT Maintenance
W_CM_CDT2 ISR Authorization for Creating Article Hierarchies
SCRMMW Berechtigungsobjekt für Datenaustausch über den R/3-Adapter