SAP Authorization Object Class BC_Z

Basis - Central Functions

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The Authorization Object Class BC_Z (Basis - Central Functions) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class BC_Z
Short Text Basis - Central Functions

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class BC_Z contains 53 authorization objects.

B_FOX FOX Explosion Framework
B_UPS ALE Distribution Package
B_UPS_CUS ALE Distribution Unit: Customizing
S_ADDRCOMM Business Address Services: Communication Addresses
S_ADDRESS1 Business Address Services: Address Type 1 (Org. Addresses)
S_ADDRESS2 Business Address Services: Address Type 2 (Private Addrs.)
S_ADDRESS3 Business Address Services: Addr. Type 3 (Work Center Addrs.)
S_ALV_LAYO ALV Standard Layout
S_APPL_LOG Applications log
S_ASAP_IA Implementation Assistant
S_ASAPIA Implementation Assistant
S_ASAPIAA Implementation Assistant: Attribute Maintenance Accelerators
S_ASAPIAD Implementation Assistant - Documentation
S_BCSETS BC Set Authorization Object
S_BDS_D BC-SRV-KPR-BDS: Authorizations for Accessing Documents
S_BDS_DS BC-SRV-KPR-BDS: Authorizations for Document Set
S_CALENDAR Public holiday and factory calendar maintenance
S_CHKM__FA CheckMan_f Authorization Object
S_EXCHRATE Authorization to Maintain Exchange Rates
S_FP_ICF Form Processing: Authorization for ICF Service
S_HIERARCH Hierarchy maintenance authorization check
S_IDOCCTRL WFEDI: S_IDOCCTRL - General Access to IDoc Functions
S_IDOCDEFT WFEDI: S_IDOCDEFT - Access to IDoc Development
S_IDOCMETA IDoc Metadata: Load and Display IDoc Metadata in XI
S_IDOCMONI WFEDI: S_IDOCMONI - Access to IDoc Monitoring
S_IDOCPART WFEDI: S_IDOCPART - Access to partner profile (IDoc)
S_IDOCPORT WFEDI: S_IDOCPORT - Access to port description (IDoc)
S_IDOCREPA WFEDI: S_IDOCREPA - Access to Repair Programs
S_NUMBER Number Range Maintenance
S_OC_DOC SAPoffice: Authorization for an Activity with Documents
S_OC_FOLCR SAPoffice: Authorization to Create Shared Folders
S_OC_ROLE SAPoffice: Office User Attribute
S_OC_SEND Authorization Object for Sending
S_OC_SOSG Authorization Object for Send Requests Overview
S_OC_TCD SAPoffice: Transaction Code Authorizations
S_SCD0 Change documents
S_TABU_RFC Client Comparison and Copy: Data Export with RFC
S_TSTRID Time Streams
S_TWB Test Workbench structure maintenance
S_TZONE Time zones
S_WF_LVIEW Workflow: Handling of Integrated Inbox View
S_WF_SUBST Workflow: Substitute Ruling
S_WF_WI Workflow: Work Item Handling
S_WFAR_KPR SAP ArchiveLink: Authorization Object for Document Search
S_WFAR_LOG Authorizations for Logging ArchiveLink
S_WFAR_LOP Authorization in Logging Print List ArchiveLink
S_WFAR_OBJ ArchiveLink: Authorizations for access to documents
S_WFAR_PRI SAP ArchiveLink: Authorization to Access Print Lists
S_WFAR_RED ArchiveLink: Authorization for Redlining
S_WFMODCMP Workflow Modeler component: activity/content access right
S_WFMODOBJ Workflow Modeler : Access right to UI areas (tab...)
S_WFMODTMP Workflow Modeler template: activity/content access right
S_WFMODWKF Workflow Modeler: activities for user workflow