SAP Authorization Object Class CACS

Commission System

The Authorization Object Class CACS (Commission System) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class CACS
Short Text Commission System

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class CACS contains 24 authorization objects.

E_CACS_ACC Settlement Authorization
E_CACS_ADM Administrator
E_CACS_ALV Save Authorization for Global ALV Layouts
E_CACS_APP Application Authorization
E_CACS_BDL Authorization for Contract Bundling
E_CACS_BK Post Commission Case
E_CACS_CHG Authorization for Follow-Up and Additional Postings
E_CACS_CSD Authorization for Transactions in Interface Dispatcher
E_CACS_CTR Authorization for Commission Contracts
E_CACS_DOC Post Document
E_CACS_FGB Commissions: Field Groups - Contract Bundle
E_CACS_FGC Commissions: Field Groups - Commission Contract
E_CACS_GEN Generator Authorization
E_CACS_HRG Customizing HR
E_CACS_MAS Mass Processing
E_CACS_OBJ Authorization for Object Data Change in Commission Case
E_CACS_REV Authorization for Releasing and Returning
E_CACS_SEG Authorization for Segment Assignment
E_CACS_SFA Display External Account
E_CACS_SFC Display/Change External Commission Contract
E_CACS_SLC Enables Changing Head of Organizational Unit
E_CACS_SMA Display Own Account
E_CACS_SMC Display/Change Own Commission Contract