SAP Authorization Object Class CO


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The Authorization Object Class CO (Controlling) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class CO
Short Text Controlling

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class CO contains 108 authorization objects.

K_ABC CO-ABC: General Authorization Object, Business Processes
K_AUFK_ART CO-OPA: Order Types
K_AUFK_SET CO-OPA: Order Groups
K_CBPR_PLA CO-ABC: Business Process Planning
K_CBPR_SET CO-ABC: Business Process Groups
K_CCA CO-CCA: Gen. Authorization Object for Cost Center Accounting
K_CKBOB CO-PC: Product Drilldown
K_CKBS CO-PC: Base Planning Objects
K_CKPH CO-PC: Cost Objects
K_CKPH_SET CO-ABC: Cost Object Groups
K_CRM_REP Authorization Check for Cost Integration CRM - CO
K_CSKA_SET CO-CCA: Cost Element Groups
K_CSKB CO-CCA: Cost Element Master
K_CSKB_PLA CO-CCA: Cost Element Planning
K_CSKS CO-CCA: Cost Center Master
K_CSKS_BUD CO-CCA: Cost Center Budget Planning
K_CSKS_PLA CO-CCA: Cost Center Planning
K_CSKS_SET CO-CCA: Cost Center Groups
K_CSLA CO-CCA: Activity Types Master
K_CSLA_SET CO-CCA: Activity Type Groups
K_FCO CO-PC: Failure Cost Processing
K_FVMK CO-PC: Release/Marking - Product Costing
K_KA_RCS CO: Drill-down reporting - line-/column structures
K_KA_RPT CO: Interactive Drilldown Reporting - Reports
K_KA_TREC CO: Summarization Levels
K_KA03 CO-CCA: Statistical Key Figures
K_KA03_SET CO-CCA: Statistical Key Figure Groups
K_KA09_KVS CO: Version
K_KC_DB EC-EIS: Authorizations for the Data Basis
K_KC_DB_VS SAP-EIS Authorization for Data Basis Version & Plan/Act Ind.
K_KC_DE EC-EIS Authorization - Entry Layout / Data Entry
K_KC_DS EC-EIS: Authorizations for Data Structure Maintenance
K_KC_DSK EC-EIS: Authorization for Structures and Key Figures
K_KC_FC EC-EIS: Function Code Authorization
K_KC_HI EC-EIS Authorizations for Hierarchies
K_KC_PBR EC-EIS: Authorization for presentation objects
K_KC_PL EC-BP: Authorization for Planning Layouts
K_KC_PR EC-EIS: Authorization for SAP-EIS presentation
K_KC_PRC EC-EIS: Authorization for Presentation of Form
K_KEA_ALE Profitability Analysis: Distribution
K_KEA_ERG Profitability Analysis: Set operating concern
K_KEA_NET Profitability Analysis: Realignments
K_KEA_TC Profitability Analysis: Maintain operating concern
K_KEB_BER Profitability Report: Authorization Objects
K_KEB_RC Profitability Report: Forms
K_KEB_REP Profitability Report: Report Name
K_KEB_TC Profitability Reports
K_KED_UM Profitability Analysis: Cost Center Assessment
K_KEDT_TC Profitability Analysis: Transfer Data to CO-PA
K_KEI_TC Profitability Analysis: Actual Data
K_KEKD_TC Profitability Analysis: Conditions
K_KEKO CO-PC: Product Costing
K_KEPL_BER CO-PA Planning: Authorization Objects
K_KEPL_FR Profit Planning: Initial Screen
K_KEPL_GP CO-PA Planning: Integrated Planning
K_KEPL_RC CO-PA Planning: Planning Layouts
K_KEPL_TC Profit Planning
K_KEPL_VER CO-PA Planning: Plan Version
K_KER_TC Profitability Analysis: Derivation Rule Values
K_KES_TC Profitability Analysis: Derivation Strategy
K_KFPI_DCT CO: Document Type for Transfer Price Allocations
K_KFPP_DCT CO: Document Type for Transfer Price Agreements
K_KMOB_DCT CO: Document Type for Manual Funds Reservation
K_ML_MGV Material Ledger: Master Data of the Quantity Structure Tool
K_ML_MTART CO Material Ledger: Material Type
K_ML_VA CO Material Ledger: Valuation Area
K_MLNUSER CO Material Ledger: Individual settlement, (no longer used)
K_MLPR_VA CO Material Price Change: Valuation Area
K_MLPUSER CO Material Ledger: Plant settlement (no longer used)
K_ORDER CO-OPA: General authorization object for internal orders
K_ORGUNIT CO: Organizational Units Used in Actual Postings
K_PCA EC-PCA: Responsibility Area, Profit Center
K_PCA_REAL EC-PCA: Realignment for PrCtr Assignments to CO Master Data
K_PCAB_DEL EC-PCA: Delete transaction data
K_PCAD_UM EC-PCA: Assessment/Distribution
K_PCAF_UEB EC-PCA: FI Data Transfer
K_PCAI_UEB EC-PCA: Actual Data Transfer
K_PCAL_GEN EC-PCA: Generate and activate ledger
K_PCAM_UEB EC-PCA: MM data transfer
K_PCAP_SET EC-PCA: Planning Hierarchy
K_PCAP_UEB EC-PCA: Plan Data Transfer
K_PCAR_REP EC-PCA: Summary and line item reports
K_PCAR_SRP EC-PCA: Standard Reports and Datasets
K_PCAS_PRC EC-PCA: Profit Centers
K_PCAS_UEB EC-PCA: SD data transfer
K_PEP CO Authorization Object for Period-End Partner (PEP)
K_PKSA CO-PC: Production Cost Collector
K_PVARIANT Authorization for Screen Variants
K_REPO_CCA CO-CCA: Reporting on Cost Centers/Cost Elements
K_REPO_OPA CO-OPA: Reporting on Orders
K_REPO_USR CO: Reporting / User Settings
K_SUM_CO CO: General CO Summarization Without Classification
K_SUM_COST CO-PC: Summarization - Cost Objects
K_SUM_ORD CO-PC: Summarization - Orders
K_SUM_PROJ CO-PC: Summarization - Projects
K_TEMPL CO: Auth. Template (ABC-allocation, formula planning, other)
K_TKA50 CO: Planner Profiles
K_TP_VALU Transfer Price Valuations
K_VRGNG CO: Bus. Trans., Actual Postings and Plan/act. Allocations
K_WIP CO-PC-OBJ: WIP Calculation
K_WIP_BU CO-PC-OBJ: WIP and Results Analysis
K_WIP_PC CO-PC-OBJ: WIP and Results Analysis
K_ZBASSL CO: Calculation base
K_ZKALSM CO: Costing sheet
K_ZSCHL CO: Overhead key
K_ZZUSSL CO: Overhead