SAP Authorization Object Class EHS


The Authorization Object Class EHS (EH&S) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class EHS
Short Text EH&S

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class EHS contains 55 authorization objects.

C_EHSB_SCP EHS: Authorization Object for General Scope of Application
C_EHSB_STA EHS: Status of objects
C_EHSD_SDP EHS: Authorization for DG Data Maintenance in DG Doc. Table
C_EHSD_SDX EHS: Additional Data for Dangerous Goods
C_EHSE_EAF EHS: *** Do Not Use!!! / Obsolete !!! *** (Use C_EHSW_EAF)
C_EHSG_MP1 EHS: Label Printing
C_EHSH_APP OBSOLETE Assign Health Surveillance Protocol to a Person
C_EHSH_DIA EHS: Diagnosis Key
C_EHSH_EXA EHS: Lock/Unlock Examinations for Medical Service
C_EHSH_EXM EHS: Examination
C_EHSH_HRD EHS: Reporting with Logical Database
C_EHSH_HSP EHS: Health Surveillance Protocol
C_EHSH_PER EHS: Persons in Occupational Health
C_EHSH_PHC EHS: Assigning Persons to a Health Center
C_EHSH_POH EHS: Person-Related Occupational Health Data
C_EHSH_PPR EHS: Proposal List for Person and Health Surv. Protocol
C_EHSH_QUE EHS: Question Catalog
C_EHSH_QUG EHS: General Questionnaire
C_EHSH_ROP EHS: Reopening a Medical Service
C_EHSH_SHD EHS: Scheduling
C_EHSH_SOP EHS: Opening a Medical Service
C_EHSH_SRV EHS: Medical Service
C_EHSH_SVD EHS: Diagnoses for a Person
C_EHSH_TST EHS: Test Results of a Medical Service
C_EHSI_DOC EHS: Document and User-Defined Text Link
C_EHSI_FAL EHS: Injury/Illness Log
C_EHSI_HAZ EHS: Agent Type
C_EHSI_IAL EHS: Incident/Accident Log
C_EHSI_MJO EHS: Measurement Job
C_EHSI_MOR EHS: Editing of Original Analysis Value
C_EHSI_MPR EHS: Measurement Project
C_EHSI_WAH EHS: Work Area Header
C_EHSO_GRP EHS: Group Management for EHS Object
C_EHSP_TPP EH&S: Phrase Item
C_EHSRC_SV EHS: Substance Volume Tracking
C_EHSS_CDE EHS: Display Change Documents
C_EHSU_SVC EHS: Utilities - Service Administration
C_EHSW_EAD EHS: Waste Management - Disposal Processing
C_EHSW_EAF EHS: Waste Management - Disposal Processing Functions
C_EHSW_PRT EHS: Waste Management - Waste Management Business Partner
C_EHSW_WMN EHS: Waste Management - Disposal Documents
C_SHEB_TWL EHS: BOMBOS - Worklist Table
C_SHEP_TPG EHS: Phrase Library and Phrase Group
C_SHEP_TPP EHS: ** obsolete **
C_SHER_TD2 EHS: Reports with Specification Type
C_SHES_TD2 EHS: Value Assignment Usage with Specification Type
C_SHES_TDU EHS: Specification Value Assignment Usage
C_SHES_TR2 EHS: Specification Header with Specification Type
C_SHES_TRH EHS: Specification Header
C_SHES_TS2 EHS: Specification Status with Specification Type
C_SHES_TST EHS: Specification Status
C_SHES_TV2 EHS: Value Assgmt with Reference to a Spec. with Spec. Type
C_SHES_TVH EHS: Specification Value Assgmt with Reference to a Spec.