SAP Authorization Object Class FI

Financial Accounting

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The Authorization Object Class FI (Financial Accounting) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class FI
Short Text Financial Accounting

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class FI contains 149 authorization objects.

F_ACE_DST Accrual Engine: Accrual Objects
F_ACE_PST Accrual Engine: Accrual Postings
F_ACT_EBPP Authorization Object for the Activities (Biller Direct)
F_AVIK_AVA Payment Advice: Authorization for Advice Types
F_AVIK_BUK Payment Advice: Authorization for Company Codes
F_BKPF_BED Accounting Document: Account Authorization for Customers
F_BKPF_BEK Accounting Document: Account Authorization for Vendors
F_BKPF_BES Accounting Document: Account Authorization for G/L Accounts
F_BKPF_BLA Accounting Document: Authorization for Document Types
F_BKPF_BUK Accounting Document: Authorization for Company Codes
F_BKPF_BUP Accounting Document: Authorization for Posting Periods
F_BKPF_GSB Accounting Document: Authorization for Business Areas
F_BKPF_KOA Accounting Document: Authorization for Account Types
F_BKPF_VW Acc. Document: Change/Display Default Vals for Doc.Type/PKey
F_BL_BANK Authorization for House Banks and Payment Methods
F_BNKA_BUK Banks: Authorization for Company Codes
F_FAGL_LDR General Ledger Accounting: Authorization for Ledger
F_FAST_CLS Fast Close Authorizations
F_FBCJ Cash Journal: General Authorization
F_FCRD_CRD Payment Cards: Card Master Record
F_FCRD_DAT Payment Cards: Data File
F_FCRD_VOU Payment Cards: Card Document
F_FICA_CCT Funds Management, Cross-Funds Center
F_FICA_CIG Funds Management: Commitment Item Group
F_FICA_CTR Funds Management Funds Center
F_FICA_CVE Funds Management: Cover Eligibility
F_FICA_CVP Funds Management: Cover Pool
F_FICA_EAL Funds Management: Collective Expenditure
F_FICA_FAG Funds Management: Function Groups
F_FICA_FCD Funds Management Fund
F_FICA_FCG Funds Management: Funds Center Groups
F_FICA_FMC FM - CO Account Assignment: Controlling Area
F_FICA_FNG Funds Management: Fund Groups
F_FICA_FOG Funds Management: authorization group of fund
F_FICA_FPG Funds Management: authorization group for the cmmt item
F_FICA_FSG Funds Management: authorization group for the funds center
F_FICA_FTR Funds Management FM Account Assignment
F_FICA_KDR Funds Management: Account Assignment Derivation
F_FICA_KDS Maintain Strategy of FM Account Assignment Derivation
F_FICA_POP Funds Management: authorization group posting period
F_FICA_PPL Funds Management: Chart of Commitment Items
F_FICA_SEG Funds Management: authorization group cross-funds centers
F_FICA_SIG Funds Management: authorization group funds center internal
F_FICA_TRG Funds Management: authorization groups for FM account assgmt
F_FICA_WCT Funds Management Within One Funds Center
F_FICB_FKR Cash Budget Management/Funds Management FM Area
F_FICB_FPS Cash Budget Management/Funds Management Commitment Item
F_FICB_VER Cash Budget Management/Funds Management Version
F_FIGM_BUD Grants Management: Authority for Budget
F_FIGM_CLS Grants Management: Authority for Class
F_FIGM_GNG GM: Grant Groups
F_FIGM_GNT Grants Management: Authority for Grant
F_FIGM_PRG Grants Management: Authority for Programs
F_FIGM_SCG GM: Sponsored Class Groups
F_FIGM_SPG GM: Sponsored Program Groups
F_FM_DRRUL Funds Management: Rules of Account Assignment Derivation
F_FM_DRSTR Funds Management: Account Assignment Derivation Strategy
F_FM_OPEN FM: Authorization for Specially Opened Processes
F_FMBU_ACC Budgeting: Account Assignment
F_FMBU_DOC Budgeting: Document Type
F_FMBU_KYF Budgeting: Key Figure
F_FMBU_STA Budgeting: Status
F_FMBU_VER Budgeting: Version and Budget Category
F_FMCA_SHE Clarification Worklist (FMSHERLOCK)
F_FMMD_FAR Funds Management: Functional Area (Authorization Group)
F_FMMD_FPG FM: Funded Porgram Sets
F_FMMD_MES Funds Management: Funded Program (Authorization Group)
F_FMME_ATT Funded Program authorizations
F_FMSHER Clarification Worklist - FMSherlock
F_FUNDSRES Earmarked Funds, Funds Transfer
F_GMBU_ACC GM Budgeting: Account Assignment
F_GMGT_ATT Grants Management: Authorization Types
F_GMGT_FDG Grants Management: Field Groups
F_GMGT_GRP Grants Management: Authorization Groups
F_IT_ALV Line Item Display: Change and Save Layout
F_KMT_MGMT Account Assignment Model: Auth. for Maintenance and Use
F_KNA1_AEN Customer: Change Authorization for Certain Fields
F_KNA1_APP Customer: Application Authorization
F_KNA1_BED Customer: Account Authorization
F_KNA1_BUK Customer: Authorization for Company Codes
F_KNA1_GEN Customer: Central Data
F_KNA1_GRP Customer: Account Group Authorization
F_KNA1_KGD Customer: Change Authorization for Account Groups
F_KNB1_ANA Customer: Authorization for Account Analysis
F_KNKA_AEN Credit Management: Change Authorization for Certain Fields
F_KNKA_KKB Credit Management: Authorization for Credit Control Area
F_KNKA_MAN Credit Management: General Maintenance Authorization
F_KNKK_BED Credit Management: Account Authorization
F_LC_AUS Consolidation: Authorization for reports
F_LC_COM Consolidation: Authorization for companies
F_LC_ERH Consolidation: Authorization for data entry forms
F_LC_LDNR Consolidation: Authorization for ledgers
F_LC_SUBD Consolidation: Authorization for subgroup
F_LC_URUN Consolidation: Authorization for update
F_LC_VERS Consolidation: Authorization for versions
F_LFA1_AEN Vendor: Change Authorization for Certain Fields
F_LFA1_APP Vendor: Application Authorization
F_LFA1_BEK Vendor: Account Authorization
F_LFA1_BUK Vendor: Authorization for Company Codes
F_LFA1_GEN Vendor: Central Data
F_LFA1_GRP Vendor: Account Group Authorization
F_MAHN_BUK Automatic Dunning: Authorization for Company Codes
F_MAHN_KOA Automatic Dunning: Authorization for Account Types
F_MANDATE Authorization for Processing SEPA Mandate in FI
F_NFBA Authority Check for Nota Fiscal Writer Brazil
F_PAYOH_AV Release and Rejection Reasons
F_PAYR_BUK Check Management: Action Authorization for Company Codes
F_PAYRQ Authorization Object for Payment Requests
F_REGU_BUK Automatic Payment: Activity Authorization for Company Codes
F_REGU_KOA Automatic Payment: Activity Authorization for Account Types
F_RPCODE Repetitive Code
F_RPROC Intercompany Reconciliation: Authorizations
F_RQRSVIEW Bank Ledger: Viewer for Request Response Messages
F_SKA1_AEN G/L Account: Change Authorization for Certain Fields
F_SKA1_BES G/L Account: Account Authorization
F_SKA1_BUK G/L Account: Authorization for Company Codes
F_SKA1_KTP G/L Account: Authorization for Charts of Accounts
F_T011 Financial Statements: General Maintenance Authorization
F_T011_BUK Planning: Authorization for Company Codes
F_T011E Authorization for Financial Calendar
F_T042_BUK Payment Program Customizing: Authorization for Company Codes
F_T060_ACT Info System: Account Type/Activity for Evaluation View
F_TRAVL Travel Planning
F_TRAVL_RW Travel Expenses: Posting Run Management
F_TRAVL_TG Separation Allowance
F_TRAVL_TP Maintain Separation Allowance Periods
F_WEB_ADRS Display/Change Address Data via Web Interface
F_WEB_BANK Display/Change Bank Data
F_WEB_BCNF Display/Change Balance Confirmation
F_WEB_EBPP Participation in EBPP Process via Web Interface
F_WTMG Withholding Tax Changeover
FAGL_INST Customer Enhancements for General Ledger Accounting
FOT_B2A_V Admin. Report Electronic Data Transmission to Authorities
G_022_GACT FI-SL Customizing: Transactions
G_800S_GSE Special Purpose Ledger Sets: Set
G_802G_GSV Special Purpose Ledger Sets: Variable
G_806H_GRJ FI-SL Rollup
G_820_GPL FI-SL Planning: Planning Parameters
G_821S_GSP FI-SL planning: Distribution keys
G_880_GRMP FI-SL Customizing: Global companies
G_881_GRLD FI-SL Customizing: Ledger
G_888_GFGC FI-SL Customizing: Field movements
G_ADMI_CUS Central Administrative FI-SL Tools
G_ALLOCTN Special Purpose Ledger - Assessment/Distribution
G_GLTP Spec. Purpose Ledger Database (Ledger, Record Type, Version)
G_REPO_GLO FI-SL: Global reporting (global company)
G_REPO_LOC FI-SL: Local Reporting (Company Code)
P_TRAVL Travel Expenses
F_FAGL_SEG Hauptbuch: Berechtigung für Segment