SAP Authorization Object Class IM

Investment Management

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The Authorization Object Class IM (Investment Management) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class IM
Short Text Investment Management

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class IM contains 17 authorization objects.

A_IM_EIS Controlling Area for Data Retrieval Program EIS
A_IMA_ART Request Type for Appropriation Requests
A_IMA_BUK Company Codes for Appropriation Requests
A_IMA_GSB Business Areas for Appropriation Requests
A_IMA_KOK Controlling Areas for Appropriation Requests
A_IMA_MSTA User Status of Appropriation Requests
A_IMA_REQU Requesting Area of Responsibility for Approp. Requests
A_IMA_RESP Responsible Area of Responsibility for Approp. Requests
A_IMA_VSTA User Status for Appropriation Request Variants
A_IMPR_APS Approval Level for Versions (Program Planning)
A_IMPR_BUK Company Codes for Investment Program Positions
A_IMPR_GSB Business Areas for Investment Program Positions
A_IMPR_KOK Controlling Areas for Investment Program Positions
A_IMPR_PRC Profit Center for Investment Program Positions
A_IMPR_VER Persons Resp. for Investment Program Positions
A_IMTP_ART Program Type for Investment Programs
A_IMTP_SYS System Activities for Program Types