SAP Authorization Object Class IS

Industry Solutions

The Authorization Object Class IS (Industry Solutions) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class IS
Short Text Industry Solutions

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class IS contains 74 authorization objects.

C_WTY_ACT Warranty: Actions
C_WTY_OBJ Warranty: Process Object
C_WTY_STAT Warranty Status
F_BAV_BUK Treasury BAV General Rights
F_CHAINREV Loans: Chain Reversal
F_CHG_COND Loans: Change Conditions After Posting
F_DABS_BUK Loans: Write off Debit Position - CoCd/Partner Authorization
F_DEURCONV Loans: Contract Currency Changeover to Euro
F_DSIC_ACT Loans: Collateral - Maintenance Authorization
F_DVER_BUK Loans: Waiver Debit Postion - Authorization for CoCd/Pr.Type
F_DZNB_BEA Loans: Processing Key for Payment Postprocessing
F_DZNB_SEL Loans: Selection Authorization for Payment Postprocessing
F_INFO_BUK Central: Information System - CoCd, Trans. Type, Auth. Group
F_MET_BEG Loans: Authorization Group for Condition Table
F_POD_BEG Loans: Authorization Group for Files
F_POH_BEG Loans: Authorization Group for Main Files
F_STO_TRAN Loans: Authorization for Reversal Transaction
F_T_PART_B Treasury: Business Partners: Authorization Group per Role
F_T_PART_R Treasury: Business Partners: Role Authorization
F_ZTXT_ACT Word Processing: Maintenance Authorization
FD_AKT_ACT Loans: Filed Documents - Maintenance Authorization
FD_AUS_BUK Loans: Disbursement - Company Code Authorization
FD_AUS_GSA Loans: Disbursement - Authorization for Product Types
FD_BAV_BUK Loans: Transfer BAV Data - Company Code Authorization
FD_BEL_ACT Loans: Collateral Value - Maintenance Authorization
FD_BO_BUK Activity Authorization Based on Business Operation Category
FD_BUK_LAY Loans: Change and Save ALV Layouts
FD_CHARAC Loans: Authorization for Processing Characteristics
FD_DAR_ACT Loans: Transaction Check for Product Category
FD_DAR_BEG Loans: Authorization Group for Loan Contracts
FD_DAR_BUK Loans: Company Code Authorization
FD_DAR_GSA Loans: Authorization for Product Types
FD_DAR_STA Loans: Status Authorization
FD_MAN_BUK Loans: Manual Debit Position - Company Code Authorization
FD_MAS_BUK Loans: Automatic Debit Position - Company Code Authorization
FD_MET_BUK Loans: Rollover Methods - Company Code Authorization
FD_OBJ_ACT Loans: Collateral Objects - Maintenance Authorization
FD_POD_BUK Loans: Rollover File - Company Code Authorization
FD_POG_BUK Loans: General Rollover File - Company Code Authorization
FD_POH_BUK Loans: Main Rollover File - Company Code Authorization
FD_POK_BUK Loans: Configure/Fill Rollover File - Company Code
FD_PROD_BG Loans: Authorization Group for Products in Product Config.
FD_SET_STA Loans: Automatic Status Transfer
FD_UMB_BUK Loans: Transfers - Authorization for CoCd / Product Type
FW_AKS_BUK Securities: Stock Split - Company Code Authorization
FW_BAV_BUK Securities: Transfer BAV Data - Company Code Authorization
FW_BES_BUK Securities: Position Indicator - Auth. for CoCd/Prod. Type
FW_BEZ_BUK Securities: Subscription Right - Company Code Authorization
FW_DEP_BUK Securities: Securities Account - Authorization for CoCd/TTy
FW_GAT_ACT Securities: Class - Transaction Check Prod. Cat./Activity
FW_GAT_GSA Securities: Class - Authorization for Transaction Types
FW_JUA_BUK Securities: New Stock - Company Code Authorization
FW_KAB_BUK Securities: Capital Reduction - Company Code Authorization
FW_KER_BUK Securities: Capital Increase - Company Code Authorization
FW_MAS_BUK Securities: Automatic Debit Position - CoCd/Product Type
FW_ORD_BUK Securities: Order - Company Code Authorization
FW_ORD_GSA Securities: Order - Authorization for Transaction Types
FW_ORD_STA Securities: Order - Status Authorization
FW_OSA_BUK Securities: Exercise WA - Authorization for CoCd/Prod. Type
FW_OST_BUK Securities: Detach WA - Company Code Authorization
FW_SON_BUK Securities: Other Postings - Company Code Authorization
FW_UMB_BUK Securities: Balance Sheet Transfer - Co. Code Authorization
FW_UMD_BUK Securities: Securities Account Transfer - CoCd Authorization
FW_WAN_BUK Securities: Exercise Convertible Bond - Company Code Auth.
FZ_FRG_KOM Release: Authorization Check - Release Object/Authoriz. Amnt
FZ_FRG_OST Release: Authorization for Release Object/Release Status
FZ_IND_ACT Index data: Maintenance authorization
FZ_PRT_ACT Partner Management: Partner - General Maintenance Authoriz.
FZ_PRT_AUS Partner Management: Partner Role - Selection Authorization
FZ_PRT_BEG Treasury: Business Partners: Authorization Group for Partner
J_DI_DPC Authorization Object: Down Payment Chains
J_DI_PNV01 Construction Progress Report
J_SP_PROJ Service Provider - Create, Change, Delete Project Pipeline
W_BETR_USR Authorization Check Users/Sites