SAP Authorization Object Class J1I1

India version authorization object class

The Authorization Object Class J1I1 (India version authorization object class) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class J1I1
Short Text India version authorization object class

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class J1I1 contains 59 authorization objects.

J_1I_IMG Authorization object for IMG
J_1I57AE Authorization object for 57AE report
J_1I57F_4 Authorization object for 57F4 posting transaction
J_1IA_POSO Authorization object for Amend PO's SO's transaction
J_1IAADEP Authorizaton object for Income Tax depreciation - India
J_1IAR Authorizaton object for classic - Annual Returns
J_1IARE_ME Authorization object for area menu transaction
J_1IASSET Authorization for new Assets
J_1ICAP_GD Authorization object for capital goods transaction
J_1ICAPGD1 Authorization for capital goods assets/ consumables
J_1ICLACER Authorizaton object for classic - Certificate
J_1ICLATDS Authorizaton object for classic - TDS Post
J_1ICWIZ Health Check
J_1IDEP_S1 Enhanced Authorization object for depot sale transaction
J_1IDEP_SL Authorization object for depot sale transaction
J_1IDNLD Authorization object for Download
J_1IEWPOCR Excise invoice without PO create
J_1IEWPOVP Authorization object for Excise without PO - Verify
J_1IEWT_AR Authorisation Object for Annual Returns - Ext. With. Tax
J_1IEWT_HC health check for Migration to EWT
J_1IEWTBCH Authorizaton object for EWT - Bank Challan
J_1IEWTCER Authorization check for Certificate Printing- EWT
J_1IEWTCHL Authorization Object for Challan Updation-EWT
J_1IEWTJV Authorization check for JV
J_1IEWTMIS Authorisation for MIS Report
J_1IEWTPR Authorization check for SR/IR Provisions- EWT
J_1IEX_PST Autorization object for posting Other Excise invoice
J_1IEXC_CR Authorization object for Excise Invoice Create
J_1IEXC_IV Authorization object for excise invoice posting transaction
J_1IEXC_JV Authorization object for Excise JV transaction
J_1IEXC_OT Authorization object for Other Excise Invoice Create
J_1IEXC_RT Authorization object for maintain excise rate transaction
J_1IEXCJV1 Excise Invoice
J_1IEXPRN Authorization object for printing excise invoice
J_1IFAC_S1 Enhanced Factory sales authorization
J_1IFAC_SL Authorization object for Factory sales transaction
J_1IFACSL1 Authorization for ARE1
J_1IFACT1 Authorization for ARE3 Transactions
J_1IFRM_TR Authorisation object for Forms tracking transaction
J_1IFRTPYM Authorization object for Fortnightly payment transaction
J_1IGRPT1 Auth. for PART1 at GR
J_1IIEXCP Exceptions for sales Excise invoices
J_1IINEX Incoming Excise Invoice
J_1IPLA_FC Authorization object for PLA forecast
J_1IPRC_CH Authorization object for Basic price changes transaction
J_1IREGEXT Authorization object for excise registers extraction
J_1IREGPRN Authorization for Register Printing
J_1IREGS Authorization object for RG23 issues and RG1
J_1IREGSN Auth. for J1I5 (new program - J_1IREGSN)
J_1IRG23D Authorisation object for Depo Transactions
J_1ISRVTX Authorization for Service tax
J_1ITAX_DS Authorization object for tax deduction at source transaction
J_1ITDS Authorization object for TDS transaction J1IN
J_1ITDSARC TDS Archiving
J_1ITDSCER Authorization check for Certificate Print Program
J_1ITDSCHL Authorization for TDS Challan
J_1IURG23D Authorisation object for receipts to depot
J_1IUTZL Autorization object for Fortnightly payment
J_1IUTZLTN Authorization object for Fortnightly payment