SAP Authorization Object Class LO

Logistics - General

The Authorization Object Class LO (Logistics - General) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class LO
Short Text Logistics - General

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class LO contains 16 authorization objects.

C_AUT_TCD Evaluation of Audit Trail: Check on Transaction Codes
C_LO_CM Authorization object for CM - Configuration Management
C_LOVC_DBI Variant Table - Link to Database Table
C_LOVC_DEP Dependency Maintenance
C_LOVC_DSG Interface Design
C_LOVC_FUN Variant Function
C_LOVC_KBO Knowledge-Base Object
C_LOVC_RTV Runtime Version of Knowledge Base for SCE
C_LOVC_TAB Variant Table - Structure
C_LOVC_TCN Variant Table - Contents
C_PPE_PS iPPE: PS -iPPE Interface (Component Assignment)
C_PPE_PSI iPPE: PS -iPPE Interface (Interface)
C_SCP_MOD Supply Chain Planning: Planning authorization for a model
EXTBAT_CRE Create External Batch Structure for Purchase Orders
EXTBAT_MNT Change External Batch Structures
C_CF_QUEUE Berechtigungsobjekt zur Anzeige/Pflege von CIF-Queueinhalten