SAP Authorization Object Class PM

Plant Maintenance

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The Authorization Object Class PM (Plant Maintenance) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class PM
Short Text Plant Maintenance

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class PM contains 21 authorization objects.

I_ALM_ME Mobile Asset Management
I_AUART PM: Order Type
I_BEGRP PM: Authorization Group
I_BETRVORG PM: Business Operation
I_CCM_ACT Configuration Control authorization object
I_CCM_STRC Structure gap maintenance authority
I_ILOA Change location- and accounting data in the order
I_INGRP PM: Maintenance Planner Group
I_IWERK PM: Maintenance Planning Plant
I_KOSTL PM: Cost Centers
I_QMEL PM/QM: Notification Types
I_ROUT PM: Task List
I_ROUT1 PM: Task Lists by PM Planning Plant, Work Scheduler, Status
I_SOGEN PM: Permit
I_SWERK PM: Maintenance Plant
I_TCODE PM: Transaction Code
I_VORG_MEL PM/QM: Business Operation for Notifications
I_VORG_MP PM: Business Operation for Maintenance Planning
I_VORG_ORD PM: Business Operation for Orders
I_WPS_MEB WPS: Maintenance Event Builder
I_WPS_REV WPS: Revision authorization object