SAP Authorization Object Class PS

Project System

The Authorization Object Class PS (Project System) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class PS
Short Text Project System

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class PS contains 26 authorization objects.

C_AFKO_ACT Activities on network header level
C_AFKO_DIS Network: MRP Group (Plant) and Transaction Type
C_AFRU_APL Confirmation: Authorization for actual work center
C_AFVG_APL PS: Work Center for Network Activities and Activity Elements
C_AFVG_TYP PS: Activity types for network act. and activity elements
C_AFVG_USR PS: User fields network activity. Activ. element model auth.
C_CSCR_ACT PS: Activities for Flexible Detail Display
C_DIP_STDV Standard Varients in DP Processor
C_MLST_BGR PS: Milestones (Authorization Group)
C_PLKO_PLG PS: Planner Groups for Standard Networks
C_PROG_TR Progress Tracking for Components
C_PROJ_KOK PS: Controlling Area for Project Definition
C_PROJ_PRC PS: Profit center for project definition
C_PROJ_TCD PS: Transaction-Specific Authorizations in Project System
C_PROJ_VNR PS: Project Manager for Project Definition
C_PROMAN Project-Oriented Procurement
C_PRPS_ART PS: Project type authorization for WBS elements
C_PRPS_KOK PS: Controlling Area Authorization for WBS elements
C_PRPS_KST PS: Cost Center Authorization for WBS elements
C_PRPS_PRC PS: Profit Center Authorization for WBS elements
C_PRPS_USR PS: Model for User Field Authorization for WBS elements
C_PRPS_VNR PS: Project Manager Authorization for WBS elements
C_PSTX_ART PS: Text Type Authorization for PS Texts
C_RESB_TRM PS: Monitoring Dates for Components
C_SIMU_BGR PS: Simulation (Authorization Group)
C_VERS_ACT PS: Activities for Project Versions