SAP Authorization Object Class WG


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The Authorization Object Class WG (Retailing) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class WG
Short Text Retailing

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class WG contains 55 authorization objects.

W_APPT IS-R Authorization for Appointments
W_ASORT Authorization for Assortment Maintenance
W_ASORT_ST Authorization for the Assignment of Assortments to Plants
W_AUFT_BAA IS-R Authorization Document Type Allocation Table
W_AUFT_BAR IS-R Authorization Document Type Allocation Rule
W_AUFT_RMB IS-R Authorization for Alloc Tbls: Display/Reply per Plant
W_CM_CDT ISR Authorization for Creating Article Hierarchies
W_FRM ISR Authorization for Merchandise Distribution
W_GROUPTYP Autorization to manage site grouping
W_LIST_EAC Acceptance Authorization For Listing Errors
W_LISTVERF IS-R Authorization to Use Listing Procedure
W_MARKDOWN IS-R Markdown Planning Authorization:MTYP, MATCL, SOrg, DChl
W_ONLSTORE Authorization for Starting Online Store
W_PCAT_LAY Authorization: Product Catalog - Layout Area
W_PCAT_MTN Authorization: Product Catalog - Maintenance
W_PRICATIN Retail Authorization: Create and Maintain PRICAT per PurGrp
W_REF_SITE Authorization to clean MMSITEREF Table
W_SRS_POS Authorizations for Physical Inventory in Open Store
W_SRS_VKPF Retail Store - Authorization for Ruling Price Maintenance
W_STRU_CHG IS-R Authorization: Allow changes to Structured Materials
W_STWB_WRK SAP Retail Store: Store
W_TRAN_CCR IS-R Authorization: SAP Transaction
W_VKPR_PLT IS-R Authorization: SP Calculation: Distr. Chain/Price List
W_VKPR_VKO IS-R Auth. Sales Price Calculations, Distribution Chain
W_VKPR_VTL IS-R Authorization: Sales Price Calculations: Distr. Chain
W_VKPR_WRK IS-R Authorization: SP Calculation: Distr. Chain/Plant
W_WAKH_EKO IS-R Auth. promotion: Purchasing Organization / Purch. Group
W_WAKH_MAT IS-R Authorization Promotion: Material Number
W_WAKH_THE IS-R Auth. Promotion: Theme
W_WAKH_VKO IS-R Auth. Promotion: Sales Organization / Distrib. Channel
W_WBEF_WRK ISR Authorization for Reval. at Rtl: Distr. Chain/ Plant
W_WBGT_FIX GTM: Setup of Enhancement Table WBGT
W_WBHK_ORG Trading Contract: Authorization for Organizational Data
W_WBHK_TCT Trading Contract: Authorization for Trading Contract Type
W_WBRC_CR WWS Trading: Authorization for Complaints Reason
W_WBRK_FKA ISR Trading: authorization for vendor billing document type
W_WBRK_ORG ISR Trading: Authorization for organizational data
W_WIND_TYP Automatic Doc. Adjustment (Retail): Authoriz. for Doc. Cat.
W_WTAD_AM IS-R Authorization for Additionals Monitor
W_WTAD_ASL IS-R Authorization Additionals: Vendor/Purchase Order List
W_WTAD_IR Request Additionals-IDoc via BAPI Call Function
W_WTAD_ISU IS-R Authorization: Status Update for Additionals IDoc
W_WTEW Authorizations for Trading Execution Workbench
W_WTRA_LOG Runtime Measurement - Authorization to Delete Data Records
W_WXP_DESI MAP: Design Planning Scenario
W_WXP_HIER Merchandise and Assortment Planning: Planning Hierarchy
W_WXP_INT Merchandise & Assortment Planning: Planning Interfaces
W_WXP_LAY MAP: Planning Layouts and Variants
W_WXP_PLAN MAP: Planning Scenario Planning
WLM Assignment of Articles to Layout Modules
WLMLOCLIST Creation of Assortments per Layout Module and Store
WLMVREL Release of Layout Module Version
WLMVV Layout Module Version Variants Maintenance
WLWBENT Enter Layout Workbench
WPLGACT Call External Space Management