SAP Function Group CV_AUTH_RFC

Read and Set Authorizations Using RFC

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The Function Group CV_AUTH_RFC (Read and Set Authorizations Using RFC) is a standard Function Group in SAP ERP and is part of the package CV. It contains the following embedded function modules and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Function Group CV_AUTH_RFC
Short Text Read and Set Authorizations Using RFC
Package CV

Function Modules

Function Group CV_AUTH_RFC contains 12 function modules.

CVAUTH_RFC_ADD_AUTH_TO_BUFFER Adds an authority to a temporary buffer
CVAUTH_RFC_CHECK_CHANGEDOC Check authorization to create a document
CVAUTH_RFC_CHECK_CREATEDOC Check authorization to create a document
CVAUTH_RFC_CHECK_DELDOC Check authorization to delete a document
CVAUTH_RFC_GET_ALLOWED_ACT Liest alle Berechtigungen
CVAUTH_RFC_GET_AUTHORIZATIONS Liest alle Berechtigungen zu einem Dokument (RFC)
CVAUTH_RFC_GETINFO Lesen der Berechtigungen incl. Text
CVAUTH_RFC_HAS_AUTHORITY Grundbaustein für Berechtigungen RFC-fähig
CVAUTH_RFC_RESET_AUTH_BUFFER Löschen des lokalen Puffers
CVAUTH_RFC_SET_AUTHORIZATIONS Berechtigung setzen für User, Rolle, Gruppe oder HR
CVAUTH_RFC_SET_INITIAL_AUTH Setzt initiale Berechtigung
CVAUTH_RFC_USERGROUP_GETINFO Getting the authorization details for usergroups