SAP Function Group PPEWF_ENG

General Modules for the Workflow

The Function Group PPEWF_ENG (General Modules for the Workflow) is a standard Function Group in SAP ERP and is part of the package CPPEENG_BAPI. It contains the following embedded function modules and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Function Group PPEWF_ENG
Short Text General Modules for the Workflow

Function Modules

Function Group PPEWF_ENG contains 4 function modules.

GET_EXTERNAL_NODEKEY Externen Schlüssel eines Knotens ermitteln
GET_EXTERNAL_VARIANTKEY Externen Schlüssel der Positionsvariante
KEYCONV_PNODID Berechung Schlüssel von POSVID-BORObjekt
KEYCONV_POSVID Berechung Schlüssel von POSVID-BORObjekt