SAP Package ACE

Accrual Engine: Other

The package ACE (Accrual Engine: Other) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ACE_MAIN.

Technical Information

Package ACE
Short Text Accrual Engine: Other
Parent Package ACE_MAIN

Function Groups

SAP Package ACE contains 42 function groups.

0ACEV0 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0ACEV3 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0ACEV5 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
ACE_ARCHPREP Preparation for Archiving
ACE_ARCHPREP_LIST_DISP Results List for Preparatn for Archiving
ACE_ASSIGNMENTS_DISPATCHER Call Component-Specific Acct Assignments
ACE_AUTHORITY_CHECK Authorization Checks in ACE
ACE_BUKRS_F4_VALUES_GET F4 Values for Company Codes
ACE_BUKRS_TEXT_GET Determination of the Company Code Text
ACE_DATA_CHECK Check Existence of Transaction Data
ACE_DATA_DELETE Deletion of Data in the ACE
ACE_DB_BUFFER_REFRESH Reset All Buffers in ACE-DB Interface
ACE_F4_HLP Input Help for Accrual Engine
ACE_KEYDATE_POPUP Popup to Display/Enter the Key Date
ACE_LIST_ALV_STATUS Status for Results Lists in ALV
ACE_MSG Services: Messages
ACE_OBJ_DEACTIVATE_POPUP Popup: Deactiation of an Accrual Object
ACE_OBJ_DISP Popup to Display an Accrual Object
ACE_OBJ_REVERSAL_POPUP Popup: Accrual Object Reversal
ACE_PARAMETER_INTERFACE Entry of Accrual Engine Parameters
ACE_POPUP_FOR_SELECTION History of the Accrual Objects
ACE_PROGRAM_SERVICES Services for Generic Reports
ACE_READ_SERVICE Read Services for the Accrual Engine
ACE_SCHEDMAN ACE Connection to Schedule Manager
ACE_SEL_FOR_MAINT Selection for Manual Maintenance
ACE_SERVICES Services Accrual-Engine
ACE_TREEVARI_POPUP Popup: Entry Layout Variant (Tree)
ACE_USER_INTERFACE User Interfaces to the Accrual Engine
ACE1 Checks and General Functions
ACE2 Customizing Tables Read Modules
ACE3 Services for Range Editing
ACEDB_ACEOBJ Access Routines for Table ACEOBJ
ACEDS_VALIDATION_CALL Validation when Creating/Changing
ACEIF1 Interface for ACE Users
ACEIF2 Interface for Periodic Accrual
ACEPS_ACCDOC_SIMU Simulation of an ACC Document
ACEPS_ENTER_DEACTPARAMS Parameter Entry for Forfeiture
ACEPS_ENTER_REVPARAMS Parameter Entry for Object Reversal
ACEPS_FYVARI_GET Determine the Fiscal Year Variant
ACEV1 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


SAP Package ACE contains 27 transactions.

ACE_CHECKOFF Extended Data Checks off
ACE_CHECKON Extended Data Check on
ACE_COMP_SET Set the Component in Accrual Engine
ACEACM Accrual Methods
ACEARCHPREP Preparation of the Archiving Run
ACEC Accrual Engine - IMG
ACECOMP Components Setup
ACEDATADEL Deletion of Data in the Accrl Engine
ACENAVIGATOR02 Change ACE Navigator
ACENAVIGATOR03 ACE Navigator Change Mode
ACEPS Posting Schema for Accruals
S_XB7_96000001 Application Components ACE
S_XB7_96000003 Accrual Methods
S_XB7_96000010 Accounting Principles
S_XB7_96000047 Validation ACE
S_XB7_96000048 Activation Validation ACE
S_XB7_96000059 Calc. Formula for Derived Accrl Type
S_XB7_96000060 Accrual Types
S_XB7_96000061 Customer Settings for Component
S_XB7_96000065 Function Modules for ACE
S_XB7_96000069 Operators
S_XB7_96000070 Legacy Data Transfer
S_XB7_96000072 Alternative Data Elements
S_XB7_96000073 Component-Specific Programs
S_XB7_96000094 Customizing View
S_XB7_96000096 CoCode/Acctng Principle Combination
S_XB7_96000116 System Events in ACE

Database Tables

SAP Package ACE contains 20 database tables.

ACEOBJ Accrual Objects
TACE_ACRTYPE Accrual Types
TACE_ACRTYPET Text for Accrual Types
TACE_COMBINATION Possible Combinations in the Accrual Engine
TACE_COMP_SPEC Component-Specific Program Components
TACE_DE_MAPPING Application-Dependent Data Elements for Accrual Engine
TACE_ENVIR_EVENT Events Depending on the Environement (R/3 or Business Acc.)
TACE_EXISTEVENTS Possible Events in the Accrual Engine
TACE_EXISTEVENTT Possible Events in the Accrual Engine
TACE_TREEORDER Table for the Sequence in the Tree Structure
TACE_TREEVARI Table for Tree Structure Variants
TACE_TREEVARIT Text Table of Tree Structure Variants
TACE_TRNSFERTYPE Selection Methods for Data Transfer to the Accrual Engine
TACE_TRNSFERTYPT Texts for Selection Methods
TACE001 Company Code Settings
TACE001T Texts for Company Codes in the Accrual Engine
TACECOMP Accrual Engine Application Component
TACECOMPC Customer Settings for Components
TACECOMPT Application Components of Accrual Function
TACESYSTEVENTS Events in the Accrual Engine


SAP Package ACE contains 13 views.

V_ACE_DE_MAPPING Alternative Data Elements for Components
V_TACE_ACRTYPE Define Accrual Type
V_TACE_COMBINATN Possible Combinations of Company Code & Accounting Principle
V_TACE_COMP_SPEC Component-Specific Program Components
V_TACE_EXISTEVEN Possible Events in the Accrual Engine
V_TACE_TREEORDER Sequence of the Tree Structure Variant
V_TACE_TREEVARI Layout Variants for Accrual Objects
V_TACE_TRNSFTYPE Selection Methods for Data Transfer to the Accrual Engine
V_TACE001 Fiscal Years in the Accrual Engine
V_TACE001_BUKRS Assign Company Codes to the Accrual Engine
V_TACECOMP Accrual Engine Application Component
V_TACECOMPC Customer Settings for Application Components
V_TACESYSTEVENTS Events in the Accrual Engine


SAP Package ACE contains 60 structures.

ACE_ACCDOC_RETURN Message Handling for Transfer of ACE Documents to Accounting
ACE_ACCRULE_RANGE Accounting Principles
ACE_ACEDOC_RETURN Message Handling for Accrual Engine Documents
ACE_ACRTYPE_RANGE Select Options for Accrual Type
ACE_ACRTYPE_WITH_TXT Table Containing Accrual Types
ACE_ARCH_PREP_LIST_STANDARD Standard Fields: Results List for Preparation for Archiving
ACE_ARCH_PREP_OBJECTS Preparation for Archiving: Processed Accrual Objects
ACE_ARCHPREP_PARAMS Parameters for Preparation for Archiving
ACE_ASSIGNMENTS Possible Account Assignments for Accrual Posting
ACE_BS_ASSIGNMENTS_GENERIC Balance Sheet Account Assignments
ACE_BUKRS_WITH_TEXT Company Codes and Their Texts
ACE_COMP_RANGE Application Components
ACE_COMP_SPECIFIC_OBJ_RANGES Selection Conditiions with Table
ACE_DATA_TRANSER_SYST_FIELDS Fields Filled Automatically by System during Data Transfer
ACE_DATA_TRANSFER_STATUS Status of Data Transfer in the Accrual Engine
ACE_DS_PERIOD_RESULT Period Return Values
ACE_EFFDATE_INTERVAL Interval of Key Dates
ACE_EFFDATE_RANGE Selection Options for Eff. Date
ACE_EX_OBJKEY External Key of Accrual Object
ACE_EX_SUBKEY External Key of an Accrual Subobject
ACE_EXOBJKEY External Key of Accrual Object
ACE_FIELD_RANGES Table with Select Options
ACE_GENERIC_RANGE Generic Structure for Selection Conditions
ACE_ITEM_KEY Account Principle + Accrual Type
ACE_ITEMS_FOR_ALV_TYPE List Type for Displaying Item Data in the ACE
ACE_KEY Accrual Engine: Key Fields
ACE_MSG_FIELDS Fields for Message Handling as in SYST Structure
ACE_OBJ_KEY Accrual Object Key
ACE_OBJECT_SUBKEY_INT Internal Key of an Accrual Subobject
ACE_OBJID_LOWHIGH Internal Object Interval
ACE_OBJID_RANGE Select Options for Accrual Object
ACE_PARAM_NAME_RANGE Select Options for Parameters
ACE_PL_ASSIGNMENTS_GENERIC Account Assignment for Profit and Loss Accounts
ACE_REF_KEY_FIELD Refkey Field Name and Value
ACE_REF_SUBKEY_STRUC Unique Reference for an Accrual Subobject
ACE_REP_PARAMETER Structure for F4 Possible Entries on Selection Screens
ACE_SUBID_KEY Internal Key for an Accrual Item
ACE_SUBID_STRUC Accrual Subobject
ACE_SUBOBJ_EXT_KEY Key Fields for Accruals Subobject (External Display)
ACE_SUBOBJECT_EXT External Reference of Accrual Subobject
ACE_SUBOBJECT_INT Internal Display of Accrual Subobject
ACE_SYST_MSG_FIELDS Fields for Message Handling
ACE_TREE_INTERFACE Tree Interface of the ACE Objekt Navigator
ACE_TREE_ORDER Sequence of Elements on the Interface
ACE_USER_INTERFACE_ITEMS Data Structure for ALV GRID Contrl in the ACE User Interface
ACE_USER_INTERFACE_STRUCTURE ACE: Communication Structure for User Interface
ACEEXPLACEDS Display Structure for Accrual Values
ACEEXPLACEPS Display Structure for Accrual Values
ACEEXPLACEPSOH Accrual Display Structure: Header Data
ACEEXPLACEPSOI Display Structure for Accrual Values (Totals Records)
ACEOBJ_BADI Entry from Database Table ACEOBJ
ACEOBJ_LDB Structure in Logical DB Node ACEOBJ
ACEVSR_VAL_PAR Parameter Validation in Accrual Engine


SAP Package ACE contains 8 programs.

ACE_ARCHIVING_PREPARE Preparation for an Archiving Run in the Accrual Engine
ACE_BASISDATA_SEL_FOR_MAINT Manual Maintenance of Basis Data in the Accrual Engine
ACE_COMPONENT_SET Set the Component within the Accrual Engine
ACE_EXTENDED_CHECK Switch on/off Extended Data Checks
ACE_IMG IMG Call ACE Customizing
ACE_LEGACY_DATA_DELETE Deletion of Legacy Data Transferred to the Accrual Engine
ACE_UPGRADE_LAMACC_46C_TO_470 Conversion of Customizing and User Data for Upgrade 4.6C -> 4.70
ACE_XPRA_46C_470 Adjustment of Data for Upgrade 46C -> 4.70

Search Helps

SAP Package ACE contains 10 search helps.

ACE_ACRTYPES_GET Accrual Types for a Component
ACE_ACRTYPES_GET_WITH_FLAGS Accrual Types for a Component
ACE_BUKRS Search Help for Company Codes
ACE_BUKRS_TACE001 Search Help for Company Codes
ACE_RUNTYPE Partial Quantity of Run Types for Period Posting
ACE_SYST_EVENTS System Events in the Accrual Engine
ACE_TREE_FIELDNAME Field Names in the Tree Structure
ACE_TREE_VARIANT Search Help for Tree Structure Variants
CSH_ACE_BUS_AREA Collective Search Help for Business Area in the Accrl Engine

Message Classes

SAP Package ACE contains 1 message classes.

ACE Nachrichten zur Accrual Engine

Authorization Objects

SAP Package ACE contains 2 authorization objects.

F_ACE_DST Accrual Engine: Accrual Objects
F_ACE_PST Accrual Engine: Accrual Postings