Archiving Framework: Generator

The package AFX_GENERATOR (Archiving Framework: Generator) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package AFX_FRAMEWORK.

Technical Information

Short Text Archiving Framework: Generator
Parent Package AFX_FRAMEWORK

Function Groups

SAP Package AFX_GENERATOR contains 20 function groups.

AFX_CE_GENERATOR Conversion Exits for Domains
AFX_CTS_GENERATOR Modules for Transport Link
AFX_DB_GENERATOR Generator for DB Modules
AFX_GD_GENERATOR Generated Maint. Screen for Generator
AFX_GF_GENERATOR Generation Modules
AFX_HF_GENERATOR Help Modules for Generation
AFX_PSED_GENERATOR Modules for Postprocessing
AFX_SHLP_GENERATOR Search/Selection Helps for Generator
AFX_WD_GENERATOR WD: Screen-Free Tasks
AFX_WZ_ARCHOBJ Wizard: Archiving Object
AFX_WZ_CTS_REQUEST Wizard: Transport Requests
AFX_WZ_DBFMOD WZ: Function Modules for DB Operations
AFX_WZ_DBPACK Wizard: Database for Package Templates
AFX_WZ_DEVCLASS Wizard: Package
AFX_WZ_EXTPPKEY Wizard: External Parallel Processing Key
AFX_WZ_GLOBDATA Wizard: Global Data Declarations
AFX_WZ_NAMES Wizard: Namespace/Prefix
AFX_WZ_OBJCUST Wizard: Object-Specific Customizing
AFX_WZ_PPDEF Wizard: Parallel Process. Basic Settings
AFX_WZ_RESITIME Wizard: Retention Period Function Mods


SAP Package AFX_GENERATOR contains 11 transactions.

AFX_OBJDATA_KEY Key Terms for Runtime Data
AFX_OBJDATA_TYP Cat. Values (Items) for Runtime Data
AFX_PSED_GLOBAL_CTRL Global Control from WB: Control
AFX_PSED_GLOBAL_CUST Global Control from WB: Settings
AFX_PSED_GLOBAL_PBP Package Formation Procedures from WB
AFX_PSED_PP_APPLREL Maintain Locks: PP Application Types
AFX_PSED_PP_JOBDISTR Maintain Job Distribution for PP
AFX_TREEDEF Hierarchy Tree Definition
AFX_WB Archiving Workbench
AFX_WZ_ARCHOBJ Call Up AOBJ from Wizard
AFX_WZ_PPDEF Call Up PP Customizing from Wizard

Database Tables

SAP Package AFX_GENERATOR contains 13 database tables.

AFX_OBJDATA_KEY Key Terms for Generated Runtime Data
AFX_OBJDATA_KEYT Key Terms for Generated Runtime Data: Texts
AFX_OBJDATA_TYP Key Categories for Generated Runtime Data
AFX_OBJDATA_TYPT Key Categories for Generated Runtime Data: Texts
AFX_OBJECT_DATA Generated Runtime Data of AFX Objects
AFX_OBJECT_IDATA Generated Runtime Data (Items) for AFX Objects
AFX_OBJECT_LOG Application Log of AFX Objects
AFX_OBJECT_MDATA Generated Run Time Data fo AFX Objects: Mapping Table
AFX_OBJECT_TREE Editing Status of AFX Objects
AFX_OBJECTT AFX Objects: Texts
AFX_TREEDEF Hierarchy Tree Definition
AFX_TREEDEFT Hierarchy Tree Definition: Texts


SAP Package AFX_GENERATOR contains 3 views.

V_AFX_OBJDATA_KY Key Terms for Generated Runtime Data
V_AFX_OBJDATA_TY Category Values (Items) for Generated Runtime Data
V_AFX_TREEDEF Hierarchy Tree Definition


SAP Package AFX_GENERATOR contains 44 structures.

AFX_STR_ANALYZE_DETAIL Structure for Generation of Analysis Program
AFX_STR_ANALYZE_PP_DETAIL Structure for Generating Parallel Proc. Methods for Analysis
AFX_STR_ARCHOBJ_CLASS Input Structure: Assignment of Arch. Classes to Arch. Object
AFX_STR_ARCHOBJ_DETAIL Input Structure for Archiving Object Detail
AFX_STR_ARCHOBJ_STRUCDEF Input Structure for Structure Definition of Archiving Object
AFX_STR_ARCHOBJ_STRUCDEF_X Extended Structure Definition for Program Generation
AFX_STR_DBFMOD_DETAIL Input Structure for Database Function Modules
AFX_STR_DBFMOD_FMODDEF Input Structure for Database Function Modules (per Table)
AFX_STR_DBPACK_DETAIL Input Structure for Database Table of Package Templates
AFX_STR_DBPACK_STRUCDEF Input Structure for Table Definitions for Package Templates
AFX_STR_DDIC_FIELDS_NEW New Fields in DDIC Table or Structure
AFX_STR_DELETE_DETAIL Structure for Generation of Delete Program
AFX_STR_DEVCLASS Input Structure for Packages
AFX_STR_DOCUMENTATION_LINK Links for Navigating Within the HTML Documentation
AFX_STR_EXTPPKEY_DETAIL Input Structure for External Key in Parallel Processing
AFX_STR_EXTPPKEY_STRUCDEF Input Structure for Structure Definition of Ext. Key in PP
AFX_STR_FMOD_PARTYP_REPLACE Replace Reference Categories on Function Module Interfaces
AFX_STR_FMODCUSTCHKMLT_DETAIL Structure for Module for Complete Check of Obj.Spec.Cust.
AFX_STR_FMODCUSTGET_DETAIL Structure for Read Module for Object-Specific Customizing
AFX_STR_FMODPACKRW_DETAIL Structure for Read and Write Modules for Package Templates
AFX_STR_GLOBDATA_DETAIL Input Structure for Global Data Declarations
AFX_STR_GLOBDATA_KEYDEF Input Structure for Key Definition of Table Type
AFX_STR_GLOBINCL_DETAIL Structure for Global Include
AFX_STR_KEYLIST Key Values for Tables
AFX_STR_NAMES Input Structure for Name Prefix / Namespace
AFX_STR_OBJCUST_DETAIL Input Structure for Object-Specific Customizing
AFX_STR_OBJCUST_STRUCDEF Input Structure for Table Definition for Obj.Spec.Cust.
AFX_STR_OBJCUST_VALUE_BRGRU Help Structure for Selection Help: Authorization Group
AFX_STR_OBJDATA_KEY_X Key Terms with Text
AFX_STR_OBJDATA_TYP_X Key Categories with Text
AFX_STR_OBJECT_IDATA_SHOW Object Data (Items) Display
AFX_STR_OBJECT_TREE_X Hierarchy Tree with Editing Status, Log and Text
AFX_STR_OBJECT_TREE_X_DB Hierarchy Tree with Editing Status and Text
AFX_STR_OBJECT_X AFX Object with Text
AFX_STR_PPDEF_APPLCATG Input Structure: Parallel Proc. Basic Settings: Appl. Type
AFX_STR_PPDEF_OBJCATG Input Structure for Parallel Proc. Basic Settings: PP Object
AFX_STR_PRE_STEP_DETAIL Structure for Generation of Pre-Step Program
AFX_STR_RELOAD_DETAIL Structure for Generation of Reload Program
AFX_STR_RESITIME_DETAIL Input Structure for Retention Period Function Modules
AFX_STR_TABINFO Table Names for Which Key Values Are to Be Determined
AFX_STR_TRUSER Input Structure for Users in Transport Requests
AFX_STR_WRITE_DETAIL Structure for Generating the Write Program
AFX_STR_WRITE_PP_DETAIL Structure for Generating Parallel Process. Methods for Write


SAP Package AFX_GENERATOR contains 2 programs.

AFX_WORKBENCH Archiving Workbench

Search Helps

SAP Package AFX_GENERATOR contains 1 search helps.

AFX_SHLP_OBJECT Search Help for Selecting AFX Objects

Message Classes

SAP Package AFX_GENERATOR contains 4 message classes.

AFX_GENERATION Nachrichten aus der Generierung
AFX_POSTEDIT Nachrichten aus der Nachbearbeitung
AFX_WIZARDS Nachrichten aus den AFX-Wizards
AFX_WORKBENCH Nachrichten aus der AFX-Workbench