SAP Package AID-BI

Auto-ID Backend Integration

The package AID-BI (Auto-ID Backend Integration) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package AID_MAIN.

Technical Information

Package AID-BI
Short Text Auto-ID Backend Integration
Parent Package AID_MAIN

Function Groups

SAP Package AID-BI contains 10 function groups.

ABI_ARCH Auto-ID Archiving Services
ABI_CONV Conversion exits and search help routine
ABI_CUST Customizing
ABI_EPCREF Integration within delivery display
ABI_MAP Application Data Mapping
ABI_MSG_HANDLER IDoc Creation and Dispatch
ABI_NBRANGE_MAINTAIN EPC Number Range Maintenance
ABI_POST Application Posting
AIN_EPC_CONVERT EPC Related Functions
AIN_EPC_VIEW Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


SAP Package AID-BI contains 6 transactions.

AIDMM Create Material Master Data IDocs
AIDNR Create EPC Number Range IDocs
AIDNR_MASTER Define EPC Serial Number Ranges
S_ALN_01002396 Create Operational IDocs
S_ALN_01002397 Create Material Master Data IDocs
S_PLN_62000182 Retrieve Auto-ID Information

Database Tables

SAP Package AID-BI contains 15 database tables.

AIDARCH Auto-ID Infrastructure Archiving
AIDARCI Auto-ID Infrastructure Archiving Items
AIDIDDATA AII: ID Detailed Structure
AIDLOG Auto-ID Infrastructure Log Table
AIDNRNG EPC Number Range Customizing
AIDOTTY Auto-ID Output Types
AIN_TEPC_ACTVER EPC Tag Data Standards Active Version Table
AIN_TEPC_PREFIX Company Prefix and Partition
AIN_TEPC_TYPE Header and URI Format
AIN_TEPC_VER EPC Tag Data Standards Version Table
AIN_TEPC_VERT Text: EPC Tag Data Standards Version Table
AIN_TID_CONV Conversion Table: ASCII <-> Binary for Cage Code


SAP Package AID-BI contains 9 views.

AIDEPC_V View Covering information on Electronic Product Code
AIDNRNG_V EPC Number Ranges
AIDOTTY_V2 Auto-ID Infrastructure Output Types
AIN_LOGSYS_V AIN Logical systems
AIN_TEPC_PRTN_V Partittion
AIN_TEPC_TYPE_V EPC Type: Header and URI Format Information
AIN_TEPC_VER_V EPC Tag Data Version
VV_T685B_V2 Output Types Outbound Delivery
VV_T685B_V7 Output Types Shipments


SAP Package AID-BI contains 20 structures.

ABI_AINARCH Auto-ID Infrastructure Archiving
ABI_DISP Display Auto ID Retrived Information
ABI_EPC EPCs (for table VEKP)
ABI_LOGSYS_STR Logical systems structure
AIN_EPC_DTL_STR EPC List from Mobile Reader
AIN_EPC_TYPE_STR EPC Type: Header Value and URI Format
E1AAR01 Auto-ID Archiving IDoc Header
E1AAR02 Auto-ID Archiving IDoc Objects
E1AOP01 Auto-ID Operational IDoc Header
E1AOP02 Object Locations
E1AOP03 Object Structure
E1AOP04 Execution Details
E1AOP05 EPC Details
E1ECEPC EPC data - HU item level
E1EDEPC EPC data - delivery level
E1EHEPC EPC data - HU header level
E1NRP01 EPC Serial Number Range
E1RQP01 AIN Request
VEKP_ABI_APPEND Auto-ID Infrastructure Backend Interface Fields


SAP Package AID-BI contains 11 programs.

RLABIDDL001 Delete Program for Auto-ID Infrastructure Archiving Objects (AIN_ARC)
RLABIDINDX Index Generation for Archive Files
RLABIDISPEPC Retrieve Auto-ID Information
RLABIDRD001 Read Auto-ID Infrastructure Archive Files
RLABIDWT001 Write Auto-ID Infrastructure Archive Files
RLABILOGDL001 Delete Program for Auto-ID Infrastructure Archiving Objects (AIN_ARC)
RLABILOGINDX Index Generation for Archive Files
RLABILOGRD001 Read Auto-ID Infrastructure Archive Files
RLABILOGWT001 Write Auto-ID Infrastructure Archive Files
RLABIMTNR Create Material Master Data IDocs
RLABINRNG Create EPC Serial Number Range IDocs

Search Helps

SAP Package AID-BI contains 6 search helps.

ABI_DOCNR Search help for document number
ABI_EDK13_SEL Auto-ID Logical Systems
ABI_MAT1N Material by EAN (International Article Number)
ABI_QUALF Search help for element values

Message Classes

SAP Package AID-BI contains 2 message classes.

ABI Auto-ID Backend Integration Messages
AIN_EPC EPC Related Message Class