Development Class for Add-Ons for BBP in Release 4.6C

The package BBP_ADDON_46C (Development Class for Add-Ons for BBP in Release 4.6C) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-B2B.

Technical Information

Package BBP_ADDON_46C
Short Text Development Class for Add-Ons for BBP in Release 4.6C
Parent Package PI-B2B

Function Groups

SAP Package BBP_ADDON_46C contains 5 function groups.

BBP_ACCOUNTING Account Assignment
BBP_ICC_BR_NOTA_FISCAL Nota Fiscal Creation With BAPI
BBP_IMS IMS Backend Functions
BBP_NOTIFY_FOLLOW_DOC Message to SRM for GR / IR for Ext. PO
BBP_WT Withholding Tax for SRM


SAP Package BBP_ADDON_46C contains 12 structures.

BBP_ACC_DESCRIPTION Account Assignment Text
BBP_IMS_INV_HEADER IMS header detail
BBP_IMS_INV_HEADER3 Accounting Document Header KeyFields
BBP_IMS_INV_ITEM IMS item detail
BBP_PDS_INV_HD Available Header Fields of Financial Invoice
BBP_PDS_INV_ITEM Available Item Fields of Financial Invoice
BBP_PDS_INV_PARTNER Available Partner Fields of Financial Invoice
BBP_PDS_INV_TAX Tax of financial invoice
BBP_RNG_BSCHL RANGES Structure for Posting Key (BSCHL)
BBP_WT_PROPOS Withholding Tax Proposal
BBP_WT_TAX_CODES Withholding Tax Code
BBPS_PURCH_ORD_DEST Purchase Order Number and Target System

Message Classes

SAP Package BBP_ADDON_46C contains 1 message classes.

BBP_ICC_PI EBP Plug-in messages, international development