SAP Package BBP_ADDON_47

Development Class for Add-Ons for EBP Below 4.7

The package BBP_ADDON_47 (Development Class for Add-Ons for EBP Below 4.7) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-B2B.

Technical Information

Package BBP_ADDON_47
Short Text Development Class for Add-Ons for EBP Below 4.7
Parent Package PI-B2B

Function Groups

SAP Package BBP_ADDON_47 contains 2 function groups.

BBPM_47A Add-On New in Release 4.7
BBPU_47A BBP: Commitment Posting (Release 4.7)


SAP Package BBP_ADDON_47 contains 6 structures.

BBP_ACC_NEW_FIELDS_47A New Fields for Account Assignment in Backend (Release 4.7)
BBP_ACC_R3_47A R/3 Names for BBP Account Assignment Fields (Release 4.7)
BBP_COBL_47A EBP: Communication Structure for Account Assignment(Rel.4.7)
BBP_COBL_47A1 Electronic Commerce: Part of COBL Without CI
BBPDPOACCT_47A Direct Material from BBP - PO Account Assignment (Rel. 4.7)
BBPPOGNA_47A Find Procurement Transaction - Assignment (Release 4.7)