SAP Package BBPA

Add-On Development for Electronic Commerce Component

The package BBPA (Add-On Development for Electronic Commerce Component) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-B2B.

Technical Information

Package BBPA
Short Text Add-On Development for Electronic Commerce Component
Parent Package PI-B2B

Function Groups

SAP Package BBPA contains 12 function groups.

BBPA Cross Application EC Add-On
BBPB FMs for Background Programs
BBPC EC Add-On: Remote Checks and F4 Help
BBPG PM: General Functions
BBPI BBP Add On Invoice
BBPK External Procurement: EBP <-> PM/PS/MM
BBPL PM: Create Services
BBPM MM-PUR Function Modules (BBPA Add-On)
BBPP PM: Create Components
BBPR Maintenance Dialog
BBPS Supplier Information Cockpit Add-On
BBPU Commitments Interface

Database Tables

SAP Package BBPA contains 4 database tables.

BBP_CUFMAP Mapping Table for Customer Fields
EPRTRANS Transfer Table for Purch. Requistions in Ext. Purch System
T160EX Criteria Table für External BAnfen
T160PR Profile for External Purchasing System


SAP Package BBPA contains 1 views.

BBP_INBD_V DB View for PO Items with Shipping Notifications


SAP Package BBPA contains 149 structures.

BBP_ACC_R3 R/3 Names for BBP Account Assignment Field
BBP_ACC_SIM Accounting: Simulation
BBP_ACR_AO Transfer Structure: Create Asset (Add-On Page)
BBP_ADDR Adresse
BBP_AVAIL EBP: Export Parameter of Availability Check
BBP_BLART FI Document Types
BBP_BUDGET Budget Info Data
BBP_CDSHW Change Documents, Formatting Table with Change Date
BBP_CI_HDR Carrier Structure for Header Customer Fields
BBP_CI_IT Carrier Structure for Item Customer Fields
BBP_CI_TAX Bearer Structure for Customer Fields at Tax Level
BBP_CICOBL Carrier Structure for CI_COBL
BBP_COBL Electronic Commerce: Part of COBL
BBP_COD_AO Transfer Structure for CO Data: B2B Reporting
BBP_CODATA Transfer Structure for CO Data: B2B Reporting
BBP_COND Condition
BBP_CREDIT List of Vendors
BBP_CUF_INV_HDR Invoice Header Include for State Central Bank Indicator
BBP_CUF_INV_HDR_LAM Solution dependent header fields for Leasing
BBP_CUF_INV_ITEM Invoice Item Include for State Central Bank Indicator
BBP_CUF_INV_ITEM_LAM Solution dependent item fields for Leasing
BBP_DRSEG Release-independent DRSEG-interface for BBP
BBP_DRSEG_CO Release-independent DRSEG_CO-interface for EBP
BBP_EINA Display/List Transfer Structure: Purch. Info (General Data)
BBP_EINE Displ./List Transfer Struct.: Purch. Info (Purch. Org. Data)
BBP_ERRTAB Error in Status Tracking Batch
BBP_FMCMMT Possible Entries for Commitment Items
BBP_FMFCTR Possible Entries for Funds Centers
BBP_FMFUND Possible Entries for Funds
BBP_FMRES Possible Entries for Earmarked Funds List
BBP_INBD_D Inbound Delivery Details
BBP_INBD_L Inbound Delivery List
BBP_IV_ACC Accounting Block
BBP_IV_ADD Address for shipping ( to and from )
BBP_IV_BE Backend Information
BBP_IV_EXR Exchange Rate
BBP_IV_HD BBP Invoice Header
BBP_IV_IT BBP Invoice Line Item
BBP_IV_SHP BBP Invice Shipping and Handling
BBP_IV_TAX BP Invoice Tax
BBP_LINE Administrative Row Data: Requirement Coverage Request
BBP_MMD_AO Transfer Structure: MM Data Add-On Page: BBP Reporting
BBP_MTCOM Material Master Communication Work Area
BBP_PLANT EBP: Transfer Structure of Plants
BBP_POKEY Structure for Selection of Purchase Order Items
BBP_RBKPV Release-independent RBKPV-interface for BBP
BBP_REF Object References: Requirement Coverage Request
BBP_RELIMIT Release-independent RELIMIT-interface for BBP
BBP_SYS System Parameters
BBP_TAXCOM Communication Structure for Tax Calculation
BBP_TAXCON Result of Tax Calculation (per Item)
BBP_TAXHDR Communication Structure Header for Tax Calculation
BBP_TAXIT Communication Structure for BBP
BBP_VDUPDL Synchronization List for Vendors
BBPACPO01 BBP: Interface Structure Commitments
BBPADDR1 Structure for Addresses
BBPADDRDELIVERY PO Item: Address Structure BAPIADDR1 for Inbound Delivery
BBPADDRESS BAPI Transfer Structure for Addresses
BBPCONVRS Import structure for Converation BAPI
BBPDECDATA External Procurement: Transfer Structure for Profile Determ.
BBPEBAND Transfer Structure: Delete/Close Requisition
BBPEKBE Transfer Structure for PO History
BBPEKBES Transfer Structure for PO History: Totals
BBPEKET Transfer Structure: Display/List PO Schedule (3.1I)
BBPEKKN Transfer Structure: Display/List: PO Account Assignment 3.1I
BBPEKKOC Transfer Structure: Create PO Header (3.1I)
BBPEKKOL Transfer Structure: Display/List: PO Header with Vendor Name
BBPEKKOTX Transfer Structure: Create PO Header Text
BBPEKPOC Transfer Structure: Create/List PO Item (3.1I)
BBPEKPOC1 Transfer Structure: Create/List PO Item (3.1I)
BBPEKPOD PO Items for Deletion
BBPEKPOTX Transfer Structure: Create PO Item Text
BBPF4A Transfer Structure for BAPI_HELPVALUES_GET
BBPF4B BAPI Selection Options for Choosing Values via Search Help
BBPF4C Help values and their text for BAPI character string
BBPF4D BAPI help values as requested field key
BBPF4E Description of BAPI help strings in BAPIF4C
BBPIFVDF_C Interface Business Partner Fields for the Enhancement
BBPMATRAM Structure for Material Master Interface: Material No. Range
BBPMAVAIL Availability check
BBPOR_COMP Component for Order
BBPOR_HEAD Header Structure for PM/CS Order
BBPOR_OPER Transaction header
BBPOR_SEL Selection Structure for PM/CS Orders
BBPOR_SELS Order Selection Structure
BBPOR_SELT Transfer Structure: Dynamic Selection Parameters
BBPOR_SQLT Structure for Layout of Where Conditions
BBPOR_TABS Tables from PM/SM
BBPOR_TEXT Long Text for Component
BBPPOGN Transfer Structure: Determine Procurement Transaction: Item
BBPPOGNA Transfer Structure: Determine Proc. Transaction: Acct Assgt
BBPRESB Transfer Structure: Display Details of Reservation Item
BBPRESBC Transfer Structure: Create Reservation Item
BBPRET EBP: Return Parameter
BBPRETURN Return Parameters
BBPRKPF Transfer Structure: Display/List Reservation Header
BBPRKPFC Transfer Structure: Create Reservation Header
BBPRSTRUKT Temporary Structure for Reservation
BBPSCDO_C List of Customer Change Document Objects
BBPSHIFACE Interface Description: Possible Entries (F4 Help) Rel. 3.1
BBPSOSY Transfer Structure for Source Search (Add-On)
BBPSPLANTS Transfer structure: Plants to EBP
BBPT163C Purchase Order History Category Texts
BBPTMW01 Pur. Group/Mat. Group: Objects for Web Scenario (Purchasing)
BBPVENDRAM Structure for Material Master Interface: Vendor Range
BBPWMDVE EBP: Result of Availability Check - ATP Info. Internet
BBPWMDVS EBP: Structure for Simulated Requiremt - ATP Info. Internet
E1BCCOM BBP: Interface Structure Commitments
E1BIVAD BBP Incoming Invoice Shipping Address
E1BIVCR Exchange Rate Pairs
E1BIVHC Customer Fields at Header
E1BIVHD BBP Incoming Invoice Header
E1BIVIC Customer Fields at the Item
E1BIVIT BBP Incoming Invoice Item
E1BIVSH BBP Incoming Invoice Shipping and Handling
E1BIVTX BBP Incoming Invoice Tax
E1BIVXC Customer Fields in Control Segments
E2BCCOM BBP: Interface Structure Commitments
E2BIVAD BBP Incoming Invoice Shipping Address
E2BIVHC Customer Fields at Header
E2BIVHD BBP Incoming Invoice Header
E2BIVIC Customer Fields at the Item
E2BIVIT BBP Incoming Invoice Item
E2BIVSH BBP Incoming Invoice Shipping and Handling
E2BIVTX BBP Incoming Invoice Tax
E2BIVXC Customer Fields in Control Segments
E3BCCOM BBP: Interface Structure Commitments
E3BIVAD BBP Incoming Invoice Shipping Address
E3BIVHC Customer Fields at Header
E3BIVHD BBP Incoming Invoice Header
E3BIVIC Customer Fields at the Item
E3BIVIT BBP Incoming Invoice Item
E3BIVSH BBP Incoming Invoice Shipping and Handling
E3BIVTX BBP Incoming Invoice Tax
E3BIVXC Customer Fields in Control Segments
EBPFULFILL Import Structure for Fulfillment Module
EXREQ_FF Update info. for processing of purch.req. from ex.purch.sys.
EXTREQBANF Extended EBAN for Extreqs
FULFILLITM Item Data for Confirmation of External Requirement
FULFILLREF Reference Fields for Purchase Order
INCL_EEW_SSF_HDR SAP-Internal Enhancements (IBUs...) on Header
INCL_EEW_SSF_INV_HDR SAP-Internal Enhancements (IBUs...) on Header
INCL_EEW_SSF_INV_ITM SAP-Internal Enhancements (IBUs...) on Item
INCL_EEW_SSF_ITM SAP-Internal Enhancements (IBUs...) on Item
MCEKKOBBP Connection EBP - R/3
MCEKPOBBP Connection R/3 - EBP
PREQ_FF_HD Header Data for Confirmation of External Requirement


SAP Package BBPA contains 2 programs.

BBPRP01 EBP Reporting: MM Data Transfer
RPRSEL01 Selection and transf. of purch. requisitions to external

Message Classes

SAP Package BBPA contains 1 message classes.

6Q Nachrichtenklasse fuer Add-On E-Commerce