Beverage DataSources - Obsolete Objects

The package BVBW_DSOURCE (Beverage DataSources - Obsolete Objects) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package BV_OBSOLETE_MP.

Technical Information

Short Text Beverage DataSources - Obsolete Objects
Parent Package BV_OBSOLETE_MP


SAP Package BVBW_DSOURCE contains 31 structures.

ROXABV0039 Generated Table for View /BEV1/TSACT1_BWV
ROXABV0040 Generated Table for View /BEV1/TSACT2_BWV
ROXABV0042 Units of Measure and Tolerances
ROXABV0044 Route Master (Route Planning)
ROXABV0045 Weekday-Dependent Transportation Zones
ROXABV0046 Generated Table for View /BEV1/RPFZ_BWV
ROXABV0047 Generated Table for View /BEV1/RSIMA_BWV
ROXABV0048 Generated Table for View /BEV1/TSAGRP_BWV
ROXABV0049 Call Cycles
ROXABV0050 Generated Table for View /BEV1/TSZKK_BWV
ROXABV0051 Generated Table for View /BEV1/TSKNVK_BWV
ROXABV0052 Sales Methods
ROXABV0053 Season Definition
ROXABV0054 Text Table for YCDTA - Route Category
ROXABV0055 Shipment Types: Descriptions
ROXABV0056 Customers: Regional Zones: Texts
ROXABV0057 Route Settlement - Settlement Types Text
ROXABV0060 Application Area - Description
ROXABV0061 Application Group - Description
ROXABV0062 Contact person: Frequency of visits: Texts
ROXABV0063 Sales Activities : Outcome Analysis - Texts
ROXABV0064 Sales Activity Reasons
ROXABV0065 Sales Methods
ROXABV0066 Sales Activities : Outcome - Text Table
ROXABV0067 Sales Activities : Status - Texts
ROXABV0068 Sales Activity Types : Texts
ROXABV0069 Season Texts
ROXABV0070 Generated Table for View /BEV1/RPFAT_BWV
ROXABV0071 Generated Table for View /BEV1/RPFZT_BWV
ROXABV0072 Generated Table for View /BEV1/RPFA_BWV
ROXABV0073 Differences of Route Settlement