Structure Package for Service API

The package BW_SAPI (Structure Package for Service API) is a structure package in SAP ERP.

Technical Information

Package BW_SAPI
Short Text Structure Package for Service API
Parent Package -

Embedded Packages

SAP Package BW_SAPI contains 19 embedded packages.

AQBW SAP Query Connection for BW
ER_BASE Event Resolution Basis Components (Pl Basis)
ESH_BACKEND_TOOLS Enterprise Search Extraction Tools
PIMG Main IMG Nodes for R/3 Plug In
RIMG OLTP IMG General Objects
RSA0 BW SAPI Maintenance and Enhancement from 2.0A
RSA1 Source System Metadata API (from BW 2.0A)
RSAI Release-Dependent Objects for OLTP IMG
RSAY Release-Dependent with Seperate Versions f. 3.1I, 4.X u. 6.X
RSIO Maintenance of Source System Propoerties of IOs
RSU0 BW Service API: Data Transfer
RSU1 BW Service API: Tools and Generic Extractors
RSU2 Delta Queue of Service APIs (from 4.0B)
RSU3 S-API Test Objects
RSU4 SAPI Test Objects from 4.0B
RSU5 Service API: Release-Dependent Objects from Basis 6.10
RSUD Business Information Warehouse: Direct Access in SAP Systems
RSUM BW Service API: Metadata
RSUQ SAP Query: BW Extractor Connection