ICM: Data Formatting for Construction and Generation

The package CACSDG (ICM: Data Formatting for Construction and Generation) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CACS10.

Technical Information

Package CACSDG
Short Text ICM: Data Formatting for Construction and Generation
Parent Package CACS10

Function Groups

SAP Package CACSDG contains 2 function groups.

CACS_FIELDLIST Field Lists for Constr. and Generation
CACS_GENOBJECT Data for Contstruction and Generation

Database Tables

SAP Package CACSDG contains 3 database tables.

TCACS_MAPLC1 Names of Locally Copied Structures of Other Systems
TCACS_MAPLC2 Names of Locally Copied Data Elements of Other Systems
TCACS_PACKNOMOD Structures to be generated, without model


SAP Package CACSDG contains 4 structures.

SCACS_GENLIST List of Objects to be Generated (with Template Object)
SCACS_MODLIST List of Template Objects for Generation (with Category)
SCACS_OBJFIELDINFO Desribes a field of a generated object in the design
SCACS_SIZE Current size of a structure (number and size of fields)

Message Classes

SAP Package CACSDG contains 1 message classes.

CACSDESGEN Nachrichten aus der Konstruktion