ICM: Construction: Logic

The package CACSDL (ICM: Construction: Logic) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CACS10.

Technical Information

Package CACSDL
Short Text ICM: Construction: Logic
Parent Package CACS10

Function Groups

SAP Package CACSDL contains 3 function groups.

CACS_DESIGN_LOGIC Design (Master Group)
CACS_OBJTYPES_LOGIC Definition of Obj. Types in Hierarchy
CACS_PACKSELECTION_LOGIC Package Selection (Main Group)


SAP Package CACSDL contains 5 structures.

SCACS_ALTOBJREL Relations with alternatives
SCACS_DESIGN_OBJDATA Object data (structure/table) in the design
SCACS_FIELDINFO Data of a new field that is to be added
SCACS_GENOBJPART Object area (key area or data area)
SCACS_INVOLVED Object that is to be changed in the design

Message Classes

SAP Package CACSDL contains 2 message classes.

CACSDESIGN Nachrichten aus der Konstruktion
CACSPACK Nachrichten aus dem Bereich Pakete