ICM: Enhancement Packages / Implementation for Reporting

The package CACSRC (ICM: Enhancement Packages / Implementation for Reporting) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CACSRT.

Technical Information

Package CACSRC
Short Text ICM: Enhancement Packages / Implementation for Reporting
Parent Package CACSRT

Function Groups

SAP Package CACSRC contains 6 function groups.

CACSIS_ADD CACS: Reporting - New Report Types
CACSIS_CTRTBDL Hierarchy Interface: Contract Bundle
CACSIS_CUSTOM Commissions: Customizing Views Drilldown
CACSIS_FC Field Catalog Functions
CACSIS_HIERARCHY Commissions: Report: Hierarchy Interface
CACSIS_S Reporting: Data Selection


SAP Package CACSRC contains 43 transactions.

CACS_0 Execute Report
CACS_1 Create Report
CACS_2 Change Report
CACS_3 Display Report
CACS_4 Create Form
CACS_5 Change Form
CACS_6 Display Form
CACS_7 Maintain Authorization Obj. Present.
CACS_8 Display Authorization Obj.Presentatn
CACS_A Access Report Tree
CACS_B Maintain Batch Variants
CACS_C Manage Comments for Commissions
CACS_D Distribute Report
CACS_D1 Execute data mining report
CACS_D2 Create Data Mining Report
CACS_D3 Change Data Mining Report
CACS_D4 Display Data Mining Report
CACS_D5 Data Mining: Create Form
CACS_D6 Data Mining: Change Form
CACS_D7 Data Mining: Display Form
CACS_D8 Display Results of Data Mining
CACS_DD Distribute Report
CACS_G Comn Report Characteristics Groups
CACS_H Maintain hierarchy
CACS_J Maintain Hierarchy Nodes
CACS_K Maintain Key Figures
CACS_M Test Monitor Drilldown Commissions
CACS_O Transport Reports
CACS_P Transport Forms
CACS_Q Import Reports from Client 000
CACS_R Import Forms from Client 000
CACS_REPTYPE CACS: Table/View -> Drilldown
CACS_S Display Structure
CACS_START_DOC Starts Document Display
CACS_START_SUM Starts Totals Display
CACS_T Translation Tool - Drilldown
CACS_U Convert drilldown reports
CACS_V Maintain Global Variable
CACS_W Maintain Currency Translation Type
CACS_X Reorganize Drilldown Reports
CACS_Y Reorganize Report Data
CACS_Z Reorganize Forms
CACSRECHAPPLCP Comn: Drilldown Application Copier

Database Tables

SAP Package CACSRC contains 4 database tables.

TCACS_STDREP Commissions: Assign Report Name to Service
TCACSF Commissions: Field Catalog Search
TCACSFA Commissions: Field Catalog Search, Table Assignment
TCACSFD Commissions: Field Catalog Search, Feature Dependencies


SAP Package CACSRC contains 7 views.

V_CACS_DD02V ABAP Dictionary: Header of Tables with Short Text
V_TCACS_STDREP Assignment of Report Name to Menu Option
V_TCACSF General Field Catalog: Maintenance
V_TCACSFA Commissions: Maintain Report Types
V_TCACSFA_DD02T Report Type Short Text of Drilldown Reporting
V_TCACSFD Commissions: Field Catalog - Maintain Charact. Dependencies
V_TKEB1_2 Commissions: Drilldown Reports and Long Texts


SAP Package CACSRC contains 3 structures.

CACS_S_ASPECT Table Name as Aspect
CACS_S_TESTSTRUKTUR Test for Data Field: Physically 1 Field, Logically n Fields
CACS_SAPCOM Field catalog: Standard determination attributes - SAP


SAP Package CACSRC contains 5 programs.

CACS_DOCUMENTVIEW Commission Case Display
CACS_FROM_FI_TO_CS Documents on Settlement Document
CACS_RECH_APPL_COPY Commissions: Drilldown CACS Application Copier
CACS_SHOW_ONE_DOCUMENT Commissions: Individual Record Display

Search Helps

SAP Package CACSRC contains 4 search helps.

CACS_RECH_ASPECT Delivers All Report Types from TCACSFA
CACS_RECH_FORMS Commissions: All CACS Forms
CACS_RECH_REPORTS Commissions: All CACS Drilldown Reports
CACS_VARID Search Help for Program Variant Field

Message Classes

SAP Package CACSRC contains 2 message classes.

CACS_STDREP Messagetexte für View V_TCACS_STDREP
CACSIS Provisionen: Recherche-Meldungen