SAP Package CIF7

Core Interface for APO - Modules for Releases from 4.6B

The package CIF7 (Core Interface for APO - Modules for Releases from 4.6B) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-APO.

Technical Information

Package CIF7
Short Text Core Interface for APO - Modules for Releases from 4.6B
Parent Package PI-APO

Function Groups

SAP Package CIF7 contains 5 function groups.

CCHA7 CIF Interface for Characs (from R/3 4.6B
CECM CIF Interface for Change Management
CMQ7 Integration Model Query Model Rel. >=46B
CPVBE CIF Interface for PSA
CSHP CIF Interface for Shipments


SAP Package CIF7 contains 1 transactions.

CFG3 Find in Application Log

Database Tables

SAP Package CIF7 contains 3 database tables.

CIF_IMECM Int. Model Reference Table for Engineering Change Management
CIF_IMPVBE IMod Reference Table for Production Supply Area
CIF_IMSHP Integration Model Reference Table for Shipments


SAP Package CIF7 contains 15 structures.

AENR_CIF Engineering Change Management: Key Structure for CIF
CIF_DESPVB Destiantin List for Production Supply Area Filter Object
CIF_DESSHP Destination List for Filter Object Planned Independent Req.
CIF_IMPVBK Structure for CIF_IMPVBE Keys
CIF_IMSHPK Structure for CIF_IMSHP Keys
CIF_PVBE Outbound Structure for PSA (Production Supply Area)
CIF_PVBET Outbound Structure for Text Table PVBE
CIF_PVBETX Checklist for Text Element CIF_PVBET
CIF_PVBEX Checklist for PSA (Structure Only Has Keys)
CIFPVBKEY Key for Production Supply Area Data
CIFSHPKEY Data Keys for Shipments
CIFSHPMAT Assignment of Shipment to Contained Material/Plant Combinatn
CIFSRCHPVB Serialization Channel for Production Supply Area
CIFSRCHSHP Serialization Channel for Shipments
ECMCHAR600 CIF: ECM Validity


SAP Package CIF7 contains 2 programs.

CIF_APPL_LOG_SEARCH Search for Character String in CIF Application Log
CIF_APPL_LOG_SEARCH_2 Search for Character String in CIF Application Log