Characteristic: APIs

The package CME_CHAR_API (Characteristic: APIs) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CME.

Technical Information

Short Text Characteristic: APIs
Parent Package CME

Function Groups

SAP Package CME_CHAR_API contains 1 function groups.

CME_API_CHAR API Interface: CME Object: Char.


SAP Package CME_CHAR_API contains 22 structures.

CME_RS_CHARACTERISTIC Range Structure: Characteristic Name
CME_RS_DATATYPE Range Structure: Data Type
CME_RS_DEFSCOPE Range Structure: Definition Scope
CME_RS_OWNER Range Structure: Owner
CME_S_CHAR_ATTR CME Characteristic -Global Attributes-
CME_S_CHAR_ISO CME Characteristic: ISO Attributes
CME_S_CHAR_KEY_INT_EXT CME Characteristic -Key Fields in Internal/External Format-
CME_S_CHAR_KEY_WITH_TEXT CME Characteristic -Key Fields Plus Descriptions-
CME_S_CHAR_R3_ATTR CME Characteristic: R/3 Attributes
CME_S_CHAR_R3_DEP CME Characteristic: Object Dependencies for R/3 Charactrstc
CME_S_CHAR_TEXTTYPES Text Types for Characteristics and Characteristic Values
CME_S_EXTENSIONS CME Extension Concept -Structure for Including XSTRING-
CME_S_OBJECT_DOCUMENTS CME -Documents for a CME Object-
CME_S_PROCESS_CHAR_CHANGE CME Char. - Bit String for Controlling Changes to Chars
CME_S_PROCESS_CHAR_PROVIDE CME Char. - Bit String for Accessing Char. Data
CME_S_TEXT Texts for a CME Object
CME_S_TEXT_EXTENSIONS Texts for Extensions of a CME Object
CME_S_TEXT_LONG Long Texts for a CME Object
CME_S_TEXT_SEARCH CME Structure for Finding Objects on Basis of Short Texts
CME_S_VALUE_DOCUMENTS CME Characteristic - Documents for Characteristic Value
CME_S_VALUE_TEXT CME Data Type -Texts for Values-
CME_S_VALUE_TEXT_DOCUMENT CME - Structure for Maintaining Char. Values/Texts/Documents

Message Classes

SAP Package CME_CHAR_API contains 1 message classes.

CME_API_CHAR Nachrichten der Funtkionsgruppe CME_API_CHAR