SAP Package CMT2

Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)

The package CMT2 (Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CMT2_MAIN.

Technical Information

Package CMT2
Short Text Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)
Parent Package CMT2_MAIN

Function Groups

SAP Package CMT2 contains 17 function groups.

CMPOP2 CM Dialog Box Functions After 46C
CMT_BASELINE Tabstrip Baseline data
CMT_CEP_RECLIST Tab strip for CEP recipient list
CMT_CTRLD Screen for controlled object
CMT_DB CM Database Operations
CMT_DOKLINK Tab strip for document links
CMT_DYN_TABSTRIP Dynamic tabstrip
CMT_EXPL_PARAMS Explosion parameter maintenance screens
CMT_F4_EXIT Exit Search Help
CMT_HEADER_SUBSCREEN Header data for CM object
CMT_LONGTEXT Template for tabstrip/external comp.
CMT_MAIN_SUBSCREEN Main screen (Subscreen) for CM Workbench
CMT_PFOLDER Tabstrip folder data
CMT_PMASTER Tabstrip configuration definition
CMT_TEMPLATE Template for tabstrip/external comp.
CMT_VOID Tabstrip for variable object identif.

Database Tables

SAP Package CMT2 contains 5 database tables.

TCM_EXP_CTYP Class types not considered
TCM_EXPL Profile for the explosion
TCM_EXPL_LNK Edge-specific exclusion of objects
TCM_EXPL_OBJ Objects Not to Be Taken into Account
TCM_EXPL_WRK Plants to Be Exploded


SAP Package CMT2 contains 5 views.

HVCM_BASELINE2 Help View for Baseline Data
HVCM_DEFINITION2 Help View for Definition Data
HVCM_LC_PH_TEXT2 Help View for Phase Selection
HVCM_PFOLDER2 Help View for Definition Data
V_CM_FOTS_QY_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)


SAP Package CMT2 contains 48 structures.

BAPISTRUC_CM_BL_CREATE For RFC assembly in CM: Create several Baselines
BASELINE_DYNP_FIELDS2 Structure for screen
FOLDER_DYNP_FIELDS2 Structure for screen
GCM_DYNP_FIELDS General screen structure for CM specific fields
STRUC_CM_BASELINE Baseline data (Configuration Management)
STRUC_CM_BL_CHANGE_RECORD Flags: Which fields are to be changed?
STRUC_CM_BL_CREATION_INFO CM: Baseline information regarding creation
STRUC_CM_BL_DATES CM: important date in the BL field
STRUC_CM_COMPL_WORKLIST_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)
STRUC_CM_CTRLD_OBJ_REC Key for the controlled object in CM
STRUC_CM_EXIT_STRUCTURE CM: Structure of a product folder
STRUC_CM_FOLDER_CONT_DATA_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)
STRUC_CM_FOLDER_CONTAINER2 Describes a data container for a configuration folder
STRUC_CM_FOLDER_STATE_BUFFER2 Structure for folder time segment buffer
STRUC_CM_GLE_BASELINE For interface GLE / CM (Baseline data)
STRUC_CM_GLE_FOLDER For interface GLE / CM (folder data)
STRUC_CM_GLE_LC_PHASES For interface CM / GLE (life cycle data)
STRUC_CM_GLE_LINK For interface CM / GLE (link data)
STRUC_CM_IBASE_OBJECT_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)
STRUC_CM_IS_USED_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)
STRUC_CM_LC_PHASE Lifecycle phase from Customizing
STRUC_CM_LCNET Configuration Management: Lifecycle network
STRUC_CM_LINKED_OBJECT Object and Link Color for Output of Structure
STRUC_CM_MOD_WORKLIST CM Worklist: CM Key, CM Object, Change Flags
STRUC_CM_OBJECT_KEYFIELDS_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)
STRUC_CM_PFOLDER_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)
STRUC_CM_SCREEN_BOR CM: Structure with screen data for folder and BOR key
STRUC_CM_STR_AND_FOLD_KEY_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)
STRUC_CM_STRUCADMIN CM: Administrative info about the structure
STRUC_CM_TABSTRIP_DATA Dynamic tabstrip handling: Data for a CM object
STRUC_CM_TABSTRIP_LIST Tap index (components/FG names) and tab index text
STRUC_CM_WORKLIST_KEY CM: Key structure for the worklist interface
STRUC_CMEXT_BASELINE_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)
STRUC_CMEXT_JOB_PARAMS CM: Settings for job processing on the screen
STRUC_CMO_COMPLETE_KEY Key structure CM internal, semantic and BOR key
STRUC_CMO_KEY CM: Key structure for the API interface
STRUC_CMPOP_PLANTS For explosion parameter popup
STRUC_CONFIGBASELINE_DATA Data structure for configuration folder
STRUC_CONFIGBASELINE_KEY Key structure of the Baseline for API interface
STRUC_CONFIGDEFINITION_DATA Data structure for configuration definition
STRUC_CONFIGFOLDER_DATA Data structure for configuration folder
STRUC_CONFIGFOLDER_KEY Key structure of the folder for API interface
TCM_BASELINE_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)
TCM_PF_CONT_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)
TCM_PFOLDER_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)
TCM_PMASTER_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)
VCM_BASEL_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)
VCM_PFOLD_EX2 Configuration Management - Core Development - (Version2)


SAP Package CMT2 contains 5 programs.

CM_CONFIGBASELINE_CREATEMULTI CM: Create Several Baselines in the Background
CM_MAIN Main program for the CM workbench
CMTABLEINFO Display Report for IBase of CM

Search Helps

SAP Package CMT2 contains 9 search helps.

H_CM_BASELINE2 Configuration Baselines
H_CM_DEFINITION2 Configuration Definition
H_CM_LC_PHASE_TEXT2 Phases in Life Cycle According to Short Texts
H_CM_LIFECYCLE_TEXT2 Life Cycles According to Short Texts
H_CM_PFOLDER_DEF2 Selection of Configuration Definition
H_CM_PFOLDER2 Configuration Folder
SH_CM_BASELINE2 Collective Search Help for Configuration Baselines
SH_CM_DEFINITION2 Collective Search Help for Configuration Definition
SH_CM_PFOLDER2 Collective Search Help for Configuration Folders

Message Classes

SAP Package CMT2 contains 1 message classes.

CMT2 Add On Version: Nachrichtenklasse im CM-Umfeld