Manufacturing Execution: Intersession Events

The package CMX_ISE (Manufacturing Execution: Intersession Events) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-SCM.

Technical Information

Package CMX_ISE
Short Text Manufacturing Execution: Intersession Events
Parent Package EA-SCM

Function Groups

SAP Package CMX_ISE contains 1 function groups.

CMX_ISE Intersession Events: RFC Modules

Database Tables

SAP Package CMX_ISE contains 2 database tables.

CMX_ISE_EVTQUEUE Intersession Events:Event Queue (Cluster,Shared Memory Only)
CMX_ISE_REG Intersession Events: Registration Table


SAP Package CMX_ISE contains 7 structures.

CMX_ISE_ENQUEUE Intersession Events: Structure for Lock Object
CMX_ISE_EVT Intersession Events: Structure for an Event
CMX_ISE_EVTNOTIF Intersession Events: Structure of Event Notification
CMX_ISE_EVTNOTIF2 Intersession Events: Structure f. Event Notification w. User
CMX_ISE_LOG Intersession Events: Structure of Log Message
CMX_ISE_REGDETAIL Intersession Events: Registration Details
CMX_ISE_REGLIST InterSessionEvents: Structure of basis registration data


SAP Package CMX_ISE contains 4 programs.

CMX_ISE_EVENTQUEUE_SHOW Intersession Events: Display Event Queue
CMX_ISE_REG_CHECK Intersession Events: Check Registrations
CMX_ISE_START_VERI Intersession Events: Start Function Test
CMX_ISE_TRACE_SHOW Intersession Events: Display Message Log