SAP Package CMX_PM

Manufacturing Execution: Process Messages

The package CMX_PM (Manufacturing Execution: Process Messages) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-SCM.

Technical Information

Package CMX_PM
Short Text Manufacturing Execution: Process Messages
Parent Package EA-SCM

Function Groups

SAP Package CMX_PM contains 19 function groups.

0C50 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0C51 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CMX_PM Process Messages: Create, Change, ...
CMX_PM_CHAR Fncts f. Process Message Characteristics
CMX_PM_CUST Process Messages: Customizing
CMX_PM_F4 Process Messages: Value Help (F4)
CMX_PM_LOG Process Messages: Application Log
CMX_PM_MDA Process Messages: Automatic Creation
CMX_PM_SEND Process Messages: Send
CO51 Message Monitor
COC2 Process Messages to Table Destination
COC5 PI-PCS: RFC Modules f. Process Messages
COC5B BABIs: PI-PCS Interface, Proc. Messages
COC5I Creating/Changing Process Messages
COC6 Process Messages to SAPoffice
COCA Synchronous Processing of Proc. Messages
COCD Function Modules as Message Destinations
COCZ Central Process Message Functions
COMV Process Management - Message Posting


SAP Package CMX_PM contains 13 transactions.

CO51 Send Process Messages
CO54 Message Monitor
CO57 Create Message Manually
CO62 Delete Process Messages
CO63 Evaluate Deletion Logs
CO69 Create Message Automatically
CONM No.Range for Proc.Messages:COCB_MSID
O03C Assign Target Fields to Mess. Dest.
O13C MessCat./Dest./Chars./Target Fields
O22C Copy SAP Messages (Standard)
O24C Copy SAP Messages (Generic)
O28C Copy SAP Messages (Central)
O29C Copy SAP Messages (Decentralized)


SAP Package CMX_PM contains 5 views.

V_TC50C_1 Assign Characteristics to Process Message Categories
V_TC50D Assign Destinations to Message Categories
V_TC50P Assign Message Characteristics to Dest.-Spec. Target Fields
V_TC51 Message Destinations
V_TC55 Destination-specific Target Fields


SAP Package CMX_PM contains 9 structures.

CMX_PM_VAR_DETAIL Variant for Automatic Process Message Creation
CMX_PM_VAR_DISPL Variant Overview: Structure for ALV List Display
CMX_PM_VAR_EVT Events for a Message Variant
CMX_PM_VAR_MSG Message for Variant
PMA_MSCLA_WA Process Message Selection: Message Category
PMA_SOURCE_WA Process Message Selection: Sender
PMA_STATUS_WA Process Message Seletion: Status
RCOCB003_LOCK_KEY Lock Table for Background Jobs for Message Processing
RCOCL2 Structure for Dynamic Table Insert


SAP Package CMX_PM contains 11 programs.

RCIIC001 Copy SAP Standard Settings for Process Messages
RCIIC005 Copy Standard Subsets for Process Messages
RCIIC006 Copy SAP Standard Settings for Process Messages (Central)
RCIIC007 Copy SAP Standard Settings for Process Messages (Decentralized)
RCOCB002 Send Process Messages (Cross-Plant)
RCOCB003 Send Process Messages (Internal Use Only)
RCOCB004 Send Process Messages (Plant-Dependent)
RCOCB009 Deletion Program for Process Messages
RCOCB010 Mass Deletion of Process Messages: Logs
RCOCB013 Automatic Process Message Creation: Define Variant
RCOCB014 Start Report for Transaction CO69

Message Classes

SAP Package CMX_PM contains 1 message classes.

CMX_PM Nachrichten zu Prozeßmeldungen

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CMX_PM contains 1 authorization objects.

C_MESS_WRK PP-PI: Process Messages - Plant