Manufacturing Execution: Browser-Based PI Sheet

The package CMX_POC (Manufacturing Execution: Browser-Based PI Sheet) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-SCM.

Technical Information

Package CMX_POC
Short Text Manufacturing Execution: Browser-Based PI Sheet
Parent Package EA-SCM

Function Groups

SAP Package CMX_POC contains 8 function groups.

0C58 Manufacturing Cockpit Customizing
POC_EBR EBR Integration to PMC
POC_ENTRY Initial Screen for PI Sheet and Cockpit
POC_ENTRY2 Process Manufacturing Cockpit: Tools
POC_FORMULA Function Modules for Formula Interpreter
POC_MAIN Screens for Process Operator Cockpit
POC_MDA Service Module for MDA


SAP Package CMX_POC contains 8 transactions.

CO55 Worklist for Maintaining PI Sheets
CO60 Find PI Sheet
CO60_VM ALV Variant Maint. PI Sheet Worklist
CO64 Worklist for Completing PI Sheets
CO67 Worklist for Checking PI Sheets
COPOC Process Manufacturing Cockpit
O06C Define Process Manufacturing Cockpit
O06S Define Process Manufacturing Cockpit

Database Tables

SAP Package CMX_POC contains 7 database tables.

POC_DB_ARC_CONN Optical Archiving: Link Data (ArchiveLink)
POC_DB_C_TRIGGER Domain Model: Trigger Collection
POC_DB_DEV_SIGN Signature Key: Metadata Signature Process Step
POC_DB_EVT_SIGN Signature Keys: Metadata for Event Log
POC_DB_PROTOCOL Domain Model: Event Log for Process Steps
POC_DB_STEP_SIGN Signature Key: Metadata Signature Process Step
POC_DB_TRIG_PROT Logging: Trigger for Event in Domain Model


SAP Package CMX_POC contains 3 views.

V_TC58 PP-PI: Definition of Operator Cockpits
V_TC59 Assignment of Process Instructions to Operator Cockpit
V_TC60 PP-PI: Assignment of PI Characteristics to Operator Cockpit


SAP Package CMX_POC contains 73 structures.

CMX_PII_VALUES PI Interpreter: Transfer Structure for Process Instructions
CMX_POC_S_PROD_INST_ARC Archiving: Link Entry (ArchiveLink)
CMX_POC_SYTABLE Symbol Table Enhancement
CMX_POC_W_VARIABLE Step Builder: Transfer Structure for Variables
COPIDOC_PIS Template for PI Document Names: PI Sheet
COPIDOC_POC Template for PI Document Names: Process Operator Cockpit
POC_ACTION_HANDLER_TAB_WA Step Builder: Action Handler and Trigger
POC_ACTION_TAB_WA Step Builder: Trigger Table
POC_COFT Process Instructions for Control Recipe (Enhanced Structure)
POC_COMMENT_TAB_WA Structure for Comment Data
POC_DB_A_CONF_REQ Signature Request Enhancement
POC_DB_A_DEVIAT Deviation Signature Enhancement
POC_DESCRIPTION Domain Description
POC_DEV_SIGN_LOG PI Sheet Digital Signature (Process Step)
POC_DEVIATION_TAB_WA Domain Model: Work Area for Deviation Table
POC_DEVIATION_VAR_TAB_WA Domain model: Work area for variable setting
POC_DISPATCHER_TAB_WA Action Dispatcher: Commands and Trigger Operations
POC_DOCUMENT Domain Model: Structure for Document ID and Mode
POC_EBR_RFC_BDATA_WA EBR Interface (RFC): Table Line, Binary Data
POC_EBR_RFC_CDATA_WA EBR Interface (RFC): Table Line, Data of Text Type
POC_EBR_RFC_CODE_WA EBR Interface (RFC): Parameters
POC_EBR_RFC_COMP_WA EBR Interface (RFC): Component Description
POC_EVENT_WA Events in the PI Sheet (Domain Model)
POC_EVT_SIGN_LOG PI Sheet Digital Signature (Logging)
POC_EVT_SIGN_SETTINGS Settings for Signature, Event Log at Step
POC_EVT_WA Events in the PI Sheet (Domain Model)
POC_G_COMMAND_TAB_WA Domain Model: GUID Structure for Commands
POC_G_DEVIATION_VAR_TAB_WA Domain model: GUID structure for variable setting
POC_G_OPERATION_TAB_WA Domain Model: GUID Structure for Operations
POC_G_STEP_COMMAND_TAB_WA Domain Model: GUID Structure for Step Commands
POC_G_SYMBOLTABLE_TAB_WA Domain Model: Business Key Structure for Symbol Table
POC_G_SYTABLE_TAB_WA Domain Model: Symbol Table with Update Indicator
POC_G_TRIGGER_TAB_WA Action Handler: Trigger Table, Persistent Structure
POC_GL_VAR_WA Cockpit: Global Variables
POC_HELPVALUE_TAB_WA Work Area for Tables of Help Values
POC_ID_WA Cockpit: Generated Cockpit
POC_LOCAL_VALUE_TAB_WA CL_STEP_POC: Structure for Local Values
POC_LOG_DATA Data for Entry in Event Log
POC_MERGESYMB POC: Replace Symbols
POC_MESSAGE_CHAR_TAB_WA Transfer Structure for Message Charact. to STEP_BUILDER
POC_MESSAGE_VALUE_TAB_WA Structure for Message Display
POC_METADATA Domain Model: Structure for Meta Data
POC_MSG_WA Message in Log Table PI Sheet
POC_PARAMETER_TAB_WA Parameter Transfer Structure for CL_STEP_BUILDER_POC
POC_PICHAR Transfer Structure for Proc. Instructions (Rec.Interpreter)
POC_PLANT_WA Cockpit: Plant with Short Texts
POC_PROTOCOL_SHOW_TAB_WA Display Structure for Log at Process Steps
POC_PROTOCOL_TAB_WA Work Area for Log Table PI Sheet
POC_RETURN_TAB_WA Structure for Returning Messages
POC_SDEPTH_WA POC Web Resources: Search Level per MIME Type
POC_SEL_RANGE_WA Cockpit: Structure for Ranges Table
POC_SEL_VAR_WA Cockpit: Structure for Ranges Table
POC_SERVICE_OPERATION_TAB_WA Domain Model: Structure for Service Operations
POC_SETTINGS POC: Global Settings
POC_SETTINGS_VALUE_WA Value for a Setting
POC_SIG_DATA Data for Signature in Event Log
POC_SIGNATURE_TAB_WA Domain Model: Work Area for Signatures
POC_STEP_COMMAND_TAB_WA Domain Model: Step Class Commands
POC_STEP_PROTOCOL_TAB_WA Work Area for Log Table PI Sheet/Step
POC_STEP_SIGN_LOG PI Sheet Digital Signature (Process Step)
POC_TRIGGER_PROTOCOL_TAB_WA Logging: Trigger for Event in Domain Model
POC_TRIGGER_TAB_WA Action Handler: Trigger Table
RPOC_BAL_CONTEXT Structure for Application Log Context Data
RPOC_COMMAND_ITERATOR Status Structure for Command Iterator of CL_STEP_POC
RPOC_STEP_POSITION_ITERATOR Status Structure for Position Iterator of CL_STEP_POC
RPOC_USER Domain Model: Structure for User Name
RPOC_VARIABLE Variable Structure for Function Group POC_FORMULA
RTC58 Screen Fields for Process Operator Cockpit


SAP Package CMX_POC contains 16 programs.

RCOPOC_ARCHIVE_PROD_INST Optical Archiving of PI Sheets
RCOPOC_CO55 Worklist for Maintaining PI Sheets
RCOPOC_CO64 Worklist for Maintaining PI Sheets
RCOPOC_CO65 Worklist for Checking PI Sheets
RCOPOC_COCKPIT_CLIENT_COPY Copy Process Manufacturing Cockpits Between Clients
RCOPOC_COCKPIT_DELETE Delete Process Manufacturing Cockpit
RCOPOC_COCKPIT_GENERATE Generate Process Manufacturing Cockpit
RCOPOC_COCKPIT_PLANT_COPY Copy Process Manufacturing Cockpits Between Plants
RCOPOC_SAP_LAYOUT_CLIENT_COPY Client Copy of SAP Standard Layout for Browser-Based PI Sheet
RCOPOC_START Start Process Manufacturing Cockpit
RCOPOC_TEST_XML_GENERATOR Test: Generate and Download XML File for Control Recipe
RCOPOC_TEST_XML_PARSING Test Program for Parsing an XML Document for a PI Sheet
RCOPOC_WKLT Worklist for PI Sheets
RCOPOC_WKLT_ARC_PROD_INS Worklist of Archived PI Sheets
RCOPOC_WKLT_VARIANT_MAINTAIN Maintain Display Variants for PI Sheet Worklists
RPOC_DB_CLEAR Domain Model: Delete Database Tables

Search Helps

SAP Package CMX_POC contains 7 search helps.

CMX_POC_CS_EVENT Collective Search Help for Events
CMX_POC_CS_EVT_PSH_EXT Collective Search Help for Events: PSH and External Events
CMX_POC_S_EVT_LOC_PMC Cockpit: Internal Events
CMX_POC_S_EVT_LOC_PSH PI Sheet: Internal Events
CO_COSTR Search Help for Proc.Instr.Cat. of Type 0 in V_TC59
CO_POCCRID Search Help: Control Recipe No. for Process Operator Cockpit
CO_POCID Search Help: Name of Process Operator Cockpit

Message Classes

SAP Package CMX_POC contains 1 message classes.

CPOC2 PP-PI-PMA: Nachrichten Herstellanweisung, SCM Add On

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CMX_POC contains 1 authorization objects.

C_CRPI_BER PP-PI: Authorizations for PI Sheet