Manufacturing Execution: Types (Characteristics)

The package CMX_TYPES (Manufacturing Execution: Types (Characteristics)) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-SCM.

Technical Information

Short Text Manufacturing Execution: Types (Characteristics)
Parent Package EA-SCM

Function Groups

SAP Package CMX_TYPES contains 9 function groups.

0C53 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CMX_TYPES_CHAR_VALUES Value Help and Check for PI Charact.
CMX_TYPES_CHAR_VALUES_PM Value Help for Chars. of Process Mgmt
CMX_TYPES_CHARACTERISTICS Enhancements to Characteristic System
CMX_TYPES_F4 Characteristic: Value Help (F4)
CMX_TYPES_REMOTE Manufacturing Execut.: Domains, Internal
CMX_TYPES_SHLP Manufacturing Executn: Search Help Exits
COC8 Service Functions for External Use
COC8B BABIs: Service Functions


SAP Package CMX_TYPES contains 10 transactions.

O08C Release Char. Grp for Proc. Messages
O09C Release Char. Group for Proc. Instr.
O21C PP-PI: Where-Used List for Charact.
O23C Client Copy of PP-PI Characteristics
O25C Create Charac. with PP-PI Attributes
O25X Create Charac. with PP-PI Attributes
O26C Change Charac. with PP-PI Attributes
O26X Change Charac. with PP-PI Attributes
O27C Display Charac. with PP-PI Attribute
O27X Display Charac. with PP-PI Attribute


SAP Package CMX_TYPES contains 2 views.

V_TC53_1 Characteristics Groups for Process Messages
V_TC53_2 Characteristics Groups for Process Instructions


SAP Package CMX_TYPES contains 16 structures.

CMX_TYPES_W_COCC_ADDITION Additional Fields for Characteristics
CMX_TYPES_W_DOMAIN_FORMAT Manufacturing Execution: Description of a Domain Format
CMX_TYPES_W_RCOC1_APPEND Additional Fields for PPPI Characteristic Dialog
CMX_TYPES_W_RCODE Manufacturing Execution: Message for Domain Administration
CMX_TYPES_W_VALUE Manufacturing Execution:Struct. for Value Transf. using APIs
CMX_TYPES_W_VALUE_DB_BUFFER Manufacturing Execution: Include Structure for Value Buffer
CMX_TYPES_W_VALUE_DB_CONTROL Manufacturing Execution: Include Structure for DB Control
CMX_TYPES_W_VALUE_DB_LARGE Manufacturing Execution:Structure for Value, DB Format LARGE
CMX_TYPES_W_VALUE_DB_MEDIUM Manufacturing Execution:Structure for Value,DB Format MEDIUM
CMX_TYPES_W_VALUE_DB_SMALL Manufacturing Execution: Include Structure, DB Table SMALL
CMX_TYPES_W_VALUE_HELP Manufacturing Execution: Structure for Input Help
CMX_TYPES_W_VALUE_NAME Manufacturing Execution: Structure for Value and Symbol
CMX_W_LOCATION_TEXT Manufacturing Execution: Location with Description
RCABN_API PP-PI: API View of Characteristic Data
RCABNT_API PP-PI: API View of Language-Dependent Characteristic Data
STR_ALV_TREE01 Characteristic Where-Used List: Used in Process Control


SAP Package CMX_TYPES contains 3 programs.

RCIIC003 Transporting PP-PI Characteristics to Logon Client
RCOCB001 Usage of Characteristics for Process Planning and Control
RCOCB012 Subsequent Transport of PP-PI Add. Data after Charac.Transport via RFC

Search Helps

SAP Package CMX_TYPES contains 1 search helps.

CMX_TYPES_S_MIMETYPE Manufacturing Execution: Support Mime Types for Domains

Message Classes

SAP Package CMX_TYPES contains 1 message classes.

CMX_TYPES Nachrichte für das PAket CMX_TYPES

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CMX_TYPES contains 1 authorization objects.

C_PROCCHAR PP-PI: Ext. Access to Message/Instruction Characteristics