XSteps: Standard Repositories

The package CMX_XSR (XSteps: Standard Repositories) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-SCM.

Technical Information

Package CMX_XSR
Short Text XSteps: Standard Repositories
Parent Package EA-SCM

Function Groups

SAP Package CMX_XSR contains 7 function groups.

CMX_XSR_CP_PLUGIN SXS Repository: Editor Plug-In
CMX_XSR_CP_SUBSCREEN SXS Repository: Subscreens
CMX_XSR_CP_SYSTEM SXS Repository: Class Pool Loc. Classes
CMX_XSR_DB_ACCESS Update SXS Repository
CMX_XSR_SHLP_EXIT SXS Repository: Search Help Exits
CMX_XSR_VM_CUST SXS Repository: Customizing
CMX_XSR_VM_SYST SXS Repository: View Maintenance


SAP Package CMX_XSR contains 3 transactions.

CMX20 SXS Repository: Authorization Groups
CMX21 SXS Repository: Customizing
CMXSV Standard XStep Repository

Database Tables

SAP Package CMX_XSR contains 8 database tables.

CMX_XSR_CT_SETS SXS Repository: Customizing Settings
CMX_XSR_DB_AUTH Standard Execution Step Repository: Authorization Group
CMX_XSR_DB_AUTXT SXS Repository: Texts for Authorization Group
CMX_XSR_DB_CLOG XSteps: Change Log
CMX_XSR_DB_FOLD Standard Execution Step Repository: Folder
CMX_XSR_DB_ITEM Standard Execution Step Repository: Items
CMX_XSR_DB_VERS Standard Execution Step Repository: Versions
CMX_XSR_DS_META Metadata Table for Digital Signature for SXS Versions


SAP Package CMX_XSR contains 2 views.

CMX_XSR_VM_AUTH SXS Repository: Maintenance View for User Group
CMX_XSR_VM_SETS Settings for Standard XStep Repository


SAP Package CMX_XSR contains 13 structures.

CMX_XSR_DSIG_LOG Log Structure for Digital Signature for SXS Versions
CMX_XSR_DSIG_META XS Repository: Metadata Structure
CMX_XSR_VALIDITY_DATE Standard Execution Step Repository: Validity Period
CMX_XSR_W_ACTION SXS Repository: Operation with Description
CMX_XSR_W_ACTION_DESCRIPTION SXS Repository: Operation with Status and Text
CMX_XSR_W_ACTION_STATE SXS Repository: Operation with Status
CMX_XSR_W_CUST_SETS SXS Repository: General Customizing Settings
CMX_XSR_W_FOLDER_ATTRB SXS Repository: Folder Attributes
CMX_XSR_W_ITEM_ATTRB SXS Repository: Item Attributes
CMX_XSR_W_OBJ_EXCHANGE Structure for Exchange of SXS Objects
CMX_XSR_W_STATE SXS REpository: Version Status
CMX_XSR_W_SXS_WHERE_USED_LIST Result Structure for Where-Used List Referenced SXS
CMX_XSR_W_VERSION_ATTRB SXS Repository: Version Attributes


SAP Package CMX_XSR contains 3 programs.

RCMXXSRSELECT Standard XStep Repository

Search Helps

SAP Package CMX_XSR contains 1 search helps.

CMX_XSR_S_ACTION XSteps: Business Operations

Message Classes

SAP Package CMX_XSR contains 1 message classes.

CMX_XSR Nachrichten SXS Repository

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CMX_XSR contains 1 authorization objects.

CMX_XSR SXS Repository: Authorization Object