External Interfaces for PS in Plug-In

The package CNIF_PI (External Interfaces for PS in Plug-In) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-CPROJECT.

Technical Information

Package CNIF_PI
Short Text External Interfaces for PS in Plug-In
Parent Package PI-CPROJECT

Function Groups

SAP Package CNIF_PI contains 5 function groups.

CJ2054 BAPI's for WBS Elements
CN2002 BAPI Processing for Network Headers
CN2002_ACT BAPI Processing for Activities/Elements
PS_BAPI Cross-Application Functions for PS BAPIs
PS_FLAG Administration of Central BAPI Flags


SAP Package CNIF_PI contains 60 structures.

AFVGD_UPD Field string AFVGD (for editing BAPIs)
BAPI_ACTELEMENT_LIST Activity Element List for the BAPI Processing
BAPI_ACTIVITY_ELEMENT_LIST Activity Element list for the BAPI Processing
BAPI_ACTIVITY_LIST Activity List for the BAPI Processing
BAPI_BUS2001_CHG Data Structure: Change Project Definition
BAPI_BUS2001_DETAIL Data Structure: Project Definition GetData
BAPI_BUS2001_GUID_FROM_EXTKEY Project Definition GUID List for External Key
BAPI_BUS2001_KEY_FROM_GUID Key of the Project Definition from the GUID
BAPI_BUS2001_NEW Data Structure: Create Project Definition
BAPI_BUS2001_PARTNER Data Structure: Create, Change, Delete Partner Data
BAPI_BUS2001_PARTNER_DETAIL Data Structure: Partner Data Get Detail
BAPI_BUS2001_UPD Update Structure: Change Project Definition
BAPI_BUS2002_ACT_CHG Data Structure: Change Network Activity
BAPI_BUS2002_ACT_DETAIL Data Structure: Activity GetData
BAPI_BUS2002_ACT_LIST Activity List for the BAPI Processing
BAPI_BUS2002_ACT_NEW Data Structure: Create Network Activity
BAPI_BUS2002_ACT_UPD Update Structure: Change Network Activity
BAPI_BUS2002_ACTELEM_CHG Data Structure: Change Activity Element
BAPI_BUS2002_ACTELEM_DETAIL Data Structure: Activity Element GetData
BAPI_BUS2002_ACTELEM_NEW Data Structure: Create Activity Element
BAPI_BUS2002_ACTELEM_UPD Update Structure: Change Activity Element
BAPI_BUS2002_ACTKEY_FROM_GUID Network Activity for GUID
BAPI_BUS2002_CHG Change Data Structure of Network Header
BAPI_BUS2002_DETAIL Data Structure: Network Header GetData
BAPI_BUS2002_ELEMKEY_FROM_GUID Activity Element for GUID
BAPI_BUS2002_GUID_FROM_EXTKEY Network GUID List for External Key
BAPI_BUS2002_GUID_FROM_KEY Obsolete - Do Not Use
BAPI_BUS2002_KEY_FROM_GUID Network Key for the GUID
BAPI_BUS2002_KEY_LIST List of Network Keys
BAPI_BUS2002_NEW Data Structure: Create Network Header
BAPI_BUS2002_UPD Change Update Structure of Network Header
BAPI_BUS2002A_GUID_FROM_EXTKEY GUID List of External IDs for Network Activities
BAPI_BUS2002E_GUID_FROM_EXTKEY GUID List of External IDs for Activity Elements
BAPI_BUS2054_CHG Data Structure: Change WBS Element
BAPI_BUS2054_DEL Obsolete - Do Not Use
BAPI_BUS2054_DETAIL Data Structure: WBS Element GetData
BAPI_BUS2054_GUID_FROM_EXTKEY WBS Element GUID List for External Key
BAPI_BUS2054_KEY_FROM_GUID Key of the WBS Element from the GUID
BAPI_BUS2054_NEW Data Structure: Create WBS Element
BAPI_BUS2054_UPD Update Structure: Change WBS Element
BAPI_NETWORK_LIST_FAILED List of Network Numbers: Not Found, No Network
BAPI_PROJECT_DEF_LIST Project Definition for the BAPI Processing
BAPI_PROJECT_DEF_LIST_2 Project Definition for the BAPI Processing
BAPI_TE_NETWORK Customer Enhancement to Network (CI_AUFK)
BAPI_TE_NETWORK_ACT_ELEMENT Customer Enhancement to Activity Element (CI_AFVU)
BAPI_TE_NETWORK_ACTIVITY Customer Enhancement to Network Activity (CI_AFVU)
BAPI_TE_PROJECT_DEFINITION Customer Enhancement to Project Definition (CI_PROJ)
BAPI_TE_WBS_ELEMENT Customer Enhancement to WBS Element (CI_PRPS)
BAPI_WBS_LIST WBS Element List for the BAPI Processing
CAUFVD_UPD Field string CAUFVD (for editing BAPIs)
CN2002_TS_FIELDS Table Fields (Structure)
NETWACT Network: Activity or Activity Element
PARTNER_DETAIL Internal Structure Partner Data
PROJ_UPD Update Bar PROJ (for BAPI Processing)
PRPS_UPD Update Bar PRPS (for BAPI Processing)
PSBAPI_NETW_KEY Key of Network: Temporary & Final
PSBAPI_PROJ_KEY Key of Project Definition/WBS: Temporary & Final
PSGUID_OBJ_KEY Obsolete - Do Not Use
PSGUID_OBJ_KEY_INT Obsolete - Do Not Use

Message Classes

SAP Package CNIF_PI contains 1 message classes.

CNIF_PI BAPI-Meldungen des Projektsystems