EPS: Methods for Reading/Setting PS Object Status

The package CNIF_STATUS (EPS: Methods for Reading/Setting PS Object Status) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-CPROJECT.

Technical Information

Short Text EPS: Methods for Reading/Setting PS Object Status
Parent Package PI-CPROJECT

Function Groups

SAP Package CNIF_STATUS contains 3 function groups.

CNIF_STATUS_2001 Set/Read Status for BUS2001
CNIF_STATUS_2002 Set/Read Status for BUS2002
CNIF_STATUS_2054 Set/Read Status for BUS2054


SAP Package CNIF_STATUS contains 11 structures.

BAPI_ACT_MNT_SYSTEM_STATUS Set/Reset Activity System Status
BAPI_ACT_MNT_USER_STATUS Set/Reset Activity User Status
BAPI_ACTIVITY_SYSTEM_STATUS Return Structure for Activity System Status
BAPI_ACTIVITY_USER_STATUS Return Structure of Activity User Status
BAPI_STATUS_RESULT Error Messages for Setting/Resetting Status
BAPI_SYSTEM_STATUS Return Structure for System Status
BAPI_USER_STATUS Return Structure for User Status
BAPI_WBS_MNT_SYSTEM_STATUS Set/Reset WBS Element System Status
BAPI_WBS_MNT_USER_STATUS Set/Reset WBS Element User Status
BAPI_WBS_SYSTEM_STATUS Return Structure for WBS Element System Status
BAPI_WBS_USER_STATUS Return Structure of WBS Element User Status

Message Classes

SAP Package CNIF_STATUS contains 1 message classes.

CNIF_STATUS Meldungen zum Setzen/Löschen von System- und Benutzerstatus