SAP Package CO_ML

Material Ledger Add-Ons

The package CO_ML (Material Ledger Add-Ons) is a main package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-FIN.

Technical Information

Package CO_ML
Short Text Material Ledger Add-Ons
Parent Package EA-FIN

Embedded Packages

SAP Package CO_ML contains 12 embedded packages.

CO_ML_AGGR Aggregation
CO_ML_AVR Material Ledger Alternative Valuation Run
CO_ML_CKML_EXTEND Enhancement of ML Basic Functions
CO_ML_DISPLAY Extended Display of ML Data
CO_ML_DUV Distribution of Inventory and Activity Differences
CO_ML_MANCHANG Manual Change of Actual Cost Component Splits
CO_ML_QSTREE Costed Actual Multilevel BOM
CO_ML_REV_BF Material Ledger Revision and Budget
CO_ML_SENDPRICE Send Material Price
CO_ML_VAPP Valuated Production Plan
CO_ML_VNB Revaluation of Consumption
CO_ML_WIP WIP at Actual Costs