Extended Attribute Maintenance at Category Level

The package COM_PRCAT_ATTRIBUTE (Extended Attribute Maintenance at Category Level) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package COM_PRODUCT_BASE.

Technical Information

Short Text Extended Attribute Maintenance at Category Level

Function Groups

SAP Package COM_PRCAT_ATTRIBUTE contains 9 function groups.

COM_PRCAT_ATTRIBUTE_ALIAS Attribute Alias Functions
COM_PRCAT_ATTRIBUTE_CONV I/O Conversion of Attribute Values
COM_PRCAT_ATTRIBUTE_F4 F4 Help for Extended Attrib. Maintenance
COM_PRCAT_ATTRIBUTE_PME Interface Product Categories to PME
COM_PRCAT_ATTRIBUTE_TC_UI UI: Attribute Maintenance for Categories
COM_PRCAT_ATTRSET Set Type/Attribute Maintenance Functions
COM_PRCAT_ORG_TYPE_UI UI: Organizational Dependency Selection
COM_PRCAT_PME PME Func.Modules (Used by Cat.and Prod.)
COM_PRCAT_PME_ERROR Error Handling for PME Error

Database Tables

SAP Package COM_PRCAT_ATTRIBUTE contains 2 database tables.

COMM_ATTR_ALIAS Attribute Alias
COMM_ATTR_ALIASH Attribute Alias


SAP Package COM_PRCAT_ATTRIBUTE contains 30 structures.

COMS_ATTRIBUTE_INT_EXT_MAPPING Mapping of External to Internal Attribute
COMS_SETTYPE_INT_EXT_MAPPING Mapping of External Category to Internal Set Type
COMT_ATTR_ALIAS Structure for Attribute Alias
COMT_ATTR_ALIAS_MAINTAIN Attribute Alias: Structure for Maintenance API
COMT_ATTR_ALIASH History Structure of Attribute Alias
COMT_ATTR_DEFAULT_MAINTAIN API Structure: Default Value of Attribute
COMT_ATTRIBUTE_ALIAS_KEY Key Fields of Attribute Alias
COMT_ATTRIBUTE_DEFAULT Default Value for an Attribute
COMT_ATTRIBUTE_INFO Attribute Data (Data Type, Value Range, Defaults,...)
COMT_ATTRIBUTE_INFO_UI Attribute Data (Data Type, Value Range, Defaults,...)
COMT_ATTRIBUTE_RANGES_DEF Attribute Range Values with Default Flag
COMT_ATTRIBUTE_RANGES_DEF_ML Attribute Range Values with Default Flag
COMT_ATTRIBUTE_VARCOND_DEF Attribute Range Values with Variant Condition Keys
COMT_ATTRIBUTE_VARCOND_M Attribute Range Values with Variant Condition Keys
COMT_ATTRIBUTEH_ALIAS_KEY Key Fields of Attribute Alias
COMT_CATEGORY_ATTR_PROPERTIES Category - Attribute - Characteristics
COMT_CATEGORY_ATTRIBUTE_DATA Attribute Data at Category Level
COMT_CATEGORY_ATTRIBUTES Category with all Attribute Information
COMT_CONF_ATTR_F4_S Configurable Attributes: Alias and Short Text for F4 Help
COMT_CONF_ATTR_S Configurable Attributes
COMT_CONF_ATTR_VAL_F4_S Configurable Attributes: Values and Texts for F4 Help
COMT_PRCAT_ATTRIBUTE_MAINTAIN Category - Attribute: Value Range Restrictions, Defaults
COMT_PRCAT_CHANGED_ATTR Changed Attribute in Category Maintenance
COMT_PRCAT_CHANGED_ATTRIBUTES Changed Attributes in Category Maintenance
COMT_PRCAT_PME_XREF Where-Used List for Attribute Values
COMT_PRCAT_SET_ATTR_MAINT Category - Set Type: Attribute Data
COMT_PRCAT_SET_ATTR_ORGD_MAINT Category Set Type: Distribution Chain Dependent Attributes
COMT_PRODUCT_PME_XREF Where-Used List for Attribute Values
COMT_SETTYPE_ATTRIBUTE_ALIAS Conversion Attribute Alias to Set Type Attribute

Message Classes

SAP Package COM_PRCAT_ATTRIBUTE contains 1 message classes.

COM_PRCAT_ATTRIBUTE Erweiterte Attributspflege auf Kategorieebene