Customizing the iPPE-Engine

The package CPPEENG0C (Customizing the iPPE-Engine) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CPPE_ENGINE.

Technical Information

Short Text Customizing the iPPE-Engine
Parent Package CPPE_ENGINE

Function Groups

SAP Package CPPEENG0C contains 7 function groups.

0PPEMSG1 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0PPEMSG2 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0PVS1 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0PVS3 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
PPELICNTL Control Tables for iPPE Engine
PVSCUST PVS Customizing
PVSCUSTEKG Analysis Modules in iPPE Customizing


SAP Package CPPEENG0C contains 20 transactions.

OPPE01 General iPPE Customizing
OPPE02 Define iPPE Node Type
OPPE03 Define iPPE Variant Types
OPPE04 Define iPPE Alternative Types
OPPE05 Define iPPE Relationship Types
OPPE06 Customer-Spec. Model Assgts (iPPE)
OPPE07 Time Analysis: Partner Products iPPE
S_KA5_12000406 Current Settings 1
S_KA5_12000407 Current Settings 2
S_KA5_12000408 Current Settings 3
S_KA5_12000409 Current Settings 4
S_KA5_12000410 Current Settings 5
S_KA5_12000411 Current Settings 6
S_KA5_12000412 Current Settings 7
S_KA5_12000413 Current Settings 8
S_KA5_12000414 Current Settings 9
S_KA5_12000415 Current Settings 10
S_KA5_12000416 Current Settings 11
S_KA5_12000419 Current Settings 12
S_KA5_12000493 Current Settings 13

Database Tables

SAP Package CPPEENG0C contains 12 database tables.

CLICOMP_CLB Definition of callbacks between iPPE Application Objects
CLICOMP_DEF Definition of Application Components for iPPE Engine
CPATYPE Customizing Table for iPPE Alternative Types
CPNTYPE Customizing Table for iPPE Node Type
CPPECNTL General iPPE Customizing
CPPEMSG_TYPE Message Control
CPPEMSG_VAL Message Types Allowed
CPRTYPE Customizing: iPPE Relationships
CPVSMDL Model Associations between the PVS Objects
CPVSMDLC Model Associations between the Customer-Spec. PVS Objects
CPVSTA iPPE Customizing: Partner Products Time Analysis
CPVTYPE Customizing Table for the iPPE Variant Types


SAP Package CPPEENG0C contains 9 views.

V_CLICOMP_DEF Definition of Applications to iPPE Engine
V_CPATYPE iPPE Alternative Types
V_CPPEMSG_TYPE Define Message Handling in iPPE
V_CPPEMSG_VAL Maintenance for Message Handling in iPPE
V_CPRTYPE iPPE Relationship Types
V_CPVSMDLC iPPE Model Assignments
V_CPVTYPE iPPE Variant Types
VH_KLART01 Selection of Class Type


SAP Package CPPEENG0C contains 5 structures.

CPATYPE_FIX Alternative Fields That Cannot be Modified by Customers
CPNTYPE_FIX Node Fields That Cannot be Modified by Customers
CPRTYPE_FIX Relationship Fields That Cannot be Modified by Customers
CPVTYPE_FIX Alternative Fields That Cannot be Modified by Customers
PVSADMIN Administrative Data PVS Tables

Search Helps

SAP Package CPPEENG0C contains 13 search helps.

F4_EFF_PARM Search Help for Effectivity Parameters in Customizing
F4_ICON Search Help for Icons
F4_VORS_PARM Search Help for Start-Up Parameters
PPE_CPVSMDL Model Definitions (SAP Delivery and Customer MDL)
PVS_CLASS02 Collective Search Help for Class / Class Type
PVS_KLART01 Search Help for Class / Class Type
SH_CXTYPE All iPPE Object Types in a Search Help
SH_PPE_CPXTYPE All iPPE Object Types in a Search Help
TS_CPATYPE Alternative
TS_CPRTYPE Relationship
TS_PNTYPE PXTYPE Collective Search Help

Message Classes

SAP Package CPPEENG0C contains 1 message classes.

PVS0C Customizing Produkt-Varianten-Struktur (PVS)