Decoupling of iPPE Environment

The package CPPEENV (Decoupling of iPPE Environment) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CPPE_ENGINE.

Technical Information

Short Text Decoupling of iPPE Environment
Parent Package CPPE_ENGINE


SAP Package CPPEENV contains 39 structures.

CMPID_EXT External Description of the Material in iPPE
DOCID_EXT Document Key Internal-External in iPPE
ECNID_EXT External Description for the Change Number in iPPE
FILT_EFF Effectivity Parameters/Values
LOCID_EXT External Description of the Plant in iPPE
PDV_DISTKEY Distribution Key for Production Version
PDV_LOCKMODE Lock Mode for Production Version
PDV_LOCPROPOS Issue Storage Location for Production Version
PDV_LOCRECEIV Receiving Storage Location for Production Version
PPE_API_VALI Interface for Value of a Characteristic (Internal Format)
PPE_CHA_CL_TYP Restrict Use of Characteristics to Certain Class Types
PPE_CHARACT_VALUE Table Control - Filter - Configuration Values
PPE_COSTPROFILE_EXT External Description for Cost Profile for SNP
PPE_CTM_SNP_TDPP CTM: Time-Dependent Process Parameters
PPE_EXPL_MRP_IN Input Data for MRP Explosion
PPE_EXPLOUT Attributes of Material and Component Variant
PPE_EXPLOUT2 Attributes of Header Material and its Component Variants
PPE_IBOBJREF_RT IB: Object Reference in Validity Period Representation
PPE_INCL_BILD Structures for Calling with Screen Module
PPE_PDV_DATA Data for iPPE Production Version
PPE_PRODVER Production Version
PPE_PROFILE Configuration Profile Data
PPE_RCUKB1 API Structure for Basic Data of Dependency
PPE_RCUKN1 API Structure for Sources of Dependency
PPE_RCUOB1 API Structure for Allocations for Object Dependencies
PPE_RTO_ACTSUB Explosion: PDS, Additional Fields for ACT
PPE_RTO_CMPSUB Explosion: PDS, Additional Data for CMP
PPE_RTO_HDR_CMPSUB Explosion: Production Data Structure
PPE_SLOC_TAB Explosion: Production Data Structure
PPE_TCCEP Effectivity Parameters
PPE_TCCEPT Effectivity Parameters - Texts
PPE_TCCER Relationships Between Effectivity and Parameter Types
PPE_TCCERT Descriptions of Relation. Between Effec. and Parameter Types
PPE_TCCET Effectivity Types
PPE_TCCETT Effectivity Types - Texts
PPE_TECS Master Effectivity Object
PRVBE_EXT External Description of Production Supply Area in iPPE
VERID_EXT External Identification for Production Version ID in iPPE