Migration of BOM and Routing to iPPE

The package CPPEMIG (Migration of BOM and Routing to iPPE) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CPPER3E.

Technical Information

Short Text Migration of BOM and Routing to iPPE
Parent Package CPPER3E

Function Groups

SAP Package CPPEMIG contains 11 function groups.

CMIG Dispatcher migration Tool
CMIG_BOM BOM Group Migration
CMIG_BOM_LI Low-Level Interface for BoM
CMIG_CC Engineering Change Mgmt: PVS Migration
CMIG_CLASS ID of Chg. Mgmt in Classification
CMIG_CUST Customizing for iPPE Migration
CMIG_EKG Correction Module for Migration
CMIG_KNOW Migration of (Special) Obj. Dependencies
CMIG_MT Migration Tables
CMIG_UTILS Useful Modules
CMIG_XX Call for Business Add-Ins


SAP Package CPPEMIG contains 1 transactions.

CMIG iPPE Migration Tool

Database Tables

SAP Package CPPEMIG contains 6 database tables.

CMIG_CUST Customizing - iPPE Migration
CMIG_MAPPING Mapping Table (Classic PP and iPPE Objekt Key)
CMIG_OTYPES Customizing - iPPE Migration: Object Types
CMIG_OTYPES_ACT Customizing for iPPE Migration: Routing Object Types
CMIG_STATUS Status Table (iPPE Migration)
CMIG_USAGE Customizing - iPPE Migration: BOM Usage


SAP Package CPPEMIG contains 9 structures.

CMIG_HEADS Enhanced STKO Structure
CMIG_ITEMS Enhanced STPO Structure (same as ITM_CLASS_DATA at present)
CMIG_KEYCLS Internal Key for Classic Object
CMIG_KEYPPE Internal Key: iPPE Object
CMIG_MAST Enhanced MAST Structure
CMIG_STZU Enhanced STZU Structure
CPPEMIG_CAPACITIES_STR Structure for Times for Requirement-Relevant Capacities
CPPEMIG_MAP_CAPA_RES_STR Structure for assigning capacities to resources


SAP Package CPPEMIG contains 5 programs.

RCMIG_BOM Migration: BOM in iPPE Structure
RCMIG_BOM_ARCHIVE Setting the archiving indicator for migrated BOMs
RCMIG_BOMSTAT_DELETED Deletion of entries from status table for BOMs that have been deleted
RCMIG_ECN Extend AECN by PVS object type (internal use only)
RCMIG_PRODVER Convert production versions

Message Classes

SAP Package CPPEMIG contains 1 message classes.

CPPEMIG Migration Stückliste und Arbeitsplan nach iPPE